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Maribor City Municipality


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Records Management and Collecting Policies

In the framework of archival institutions' public service the Regional Archives Maribor performs the following tasks: appraisal of documents created by entities under public law, providing explanations about the duties of entities under public law in relation to documents, professional supervision and training of employees engaged in the handling of documents; appraisal of public documents in archival institutions, disposal of unneeded documents and selection of archives in archival institutions during the processing of material; acquisition, appraisal and processing of public and private archives, elaborating inventories, guides and other aids for using archives and their publishing, publishing of archival sources; maintenance and preservation of archives; keeping a register of public and private archives; registering archives abroad relating to Slovenia and the Slovenians, reproduction of such archives to supplement their own holdings, compilation of guides and other finding aids to archives; registering private archives of legal and natural persons; cooperation with owners of private archives, expert advice and supervision; making archives available for use, issuing transcripts and/or copies of documents and certificates based on documents; fostering cultural values related to the archives; carrying out research in the field of archival science, history and other sciences related to archives; publishing activities.

The archival public service also includes custody of archives, which used to belong to former national, autonomous, self-government and other authorities and legal persons, which were the responsibility of those archival institutions or their predecessors under the former rules on archives.

Archival and Other Holdings

The Regional Archives Maribor keeps archival holdings such as written, drawn, printed, filmed and magnetically, optically or in any other way recorded documents, which are witnesses to the time when they were created. The Regional Archives Maribor is competent to protect archival documents from the following municipal units: Dravograd, Gornja Radgona, Lenart, Lendava, Ljutomer, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Pesnica, Radlje ob Dravi, Ravne na Koroškem, Ruše, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenska Bistrica.

The Regional Archives Maribor keeps: Parchment charters from years between 1246 and 1865; collections of archival documents; documents of landowners from the 15th century; archival documents of administration offices, courts, companies, banks, associations, societies and other institutions from the middle of the 19th century; archival documents of municipal units and other political, administrative and judiciary organizations from the period after the Second World War; personal fonds and collections of historians from the area of Slovene Styria, scientists, politicians, writers, composers and others.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

The Regional Archives Maribor has a long tradition of publishing various publications: guides to fonds and collections; conference proceedings; monograph publications; exhibition catalogues.

Research Services

The Regional Archives Maribor offers different services to its users. In the Reading room researches can use original archival holdings which are publicly accessible. Researchers can also use the Regional Archives Maribor extensive library. Books can be borrowed only for research purposes and are consulted only in the Archives' reading room. The whole library fonds is described and accessible in the COBISS system.

The Regional Archives Maribor also issues documents, school certificates and verified copies of archival documents. Patrons must fill in a Form for issuing official documents.

On the website of the Regional Archives Maribor researchers will also find links to various digital sources that are publicly accessible and are directly or indirectly related to the understanding of the content of the documents stored in an archive.

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