Государственный архив Воронежской области

  • State Archive of Voronezh Oblast
  • Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Voronezhskoy oblasti


ul. Plekhanovskaya 7
Voronezh oblast


(473) 212-79-69


The archive in Voronezh was created in 1919 as gubernial archive. In 1928, according to the reorganization of the local administration, it was transformed into tho Voronezh Oblast Historical Archive and Voronezh Oblast Archive of the October Revolution, In 1941 these archives were united into the State Archive of Voronezh Oblast. During the World War II the archival resources were partially evacuated to Ufa, and partially destroyed during the bombardment of Voronezh by the enemy aviation

Geographical and Cultural Context

Archive holds documents from the history of the Voronezh region from 1611 until the present day.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Archive is operating on the basis of Legal Act "State Archive of the Voronezh Oblast", issued by Department of Property and Land Issues of the Voronezh Oblast on 27 of May 2011, № 767, and approved by Archive department of the Voronezh Oblast on 1 of June 2011 № 33-О.

This legal act is accessible online at:


Administrative Structure

Archive is divided into 7 departments:

  • Department of acquisition and evaluation of documents
  • Department of securing and safeguarding of documents
  • Department of institutional archives
  • Department of information, publication and scientific usage of the documents
  • Scientific-reference apparatus department
  • Department of information technologies
  • Department of material and technical maintenance of the archival building


Until 1967 the archive in Voronezh was dispersed between the buildings of former monasteries. Some of these buildings were destroyed during the bombardment of Voronezh by the enemy aviation. In 1967 the new seat of the archive was inaugurated.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

  • «Государственный архив Воронежской области», [State Archive of Voronezh Oblast] Voronezh 2007 - this publication provides complete lists and descriptions of archive resources from 1611 until 2011. Archive provides developed online browser (in Russian) that allows to search particular archival fonds online (by Fond symbol, Fond number, Fond name, Date of the oldest and Date of the newest document in the fond) :


Full lists of the archival fonds that were catalogued so far is accessible online:


Opening Times

Archive is opened: Monday-Thursday- 9 am- 6 pm Friday- 9 am- 4.45 pm (with a lunch break every day between 1 and 1.45 pm)

Reading Room is opened: Monday-Thursday- 10 am - 5.30 pm

With individual inquires guests can turn to the archive on: Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 9 am-12, and 2-5 pm


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