Центр современной истории Тульской области

  • Center of Contemporary History of Tula Oblast
  • Tsentr noveyshey istorii Tulskoy oblasti


pr. Lenina 44a
Tula oblast


(8-4872) 31-20-56


Center of Contemporary History of Tula Oblast was established on the basis of the Tula Oblast Communist Party Archive.

The history of the former one starts in 1922 when the Tula Gubernial branch of the Communist Party History Institute was established. In 1930 its documents were transferred to Moscow. Regional Communist Party Archive was reestablished in 1939. Soon after that it received back documents from Moscow. From 1941 to 1944 archive was evacuated to the Western Kazakhstan. Archive is operating at its current location since 1974. In 2009 the archive was attached to the Tula Oblast State Archive

Geographical and Cultural Context

Archive contains documents concerning to the history of the Tula region from the period 1917-1991, mainly produced by the various branches of the Communist party.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Archive was established in 1991, on the basis of the decision of the Tula Oblast Committee No 16-380 from 30.09.1991 and decree of President of the Russian Federation No 83 from 24.08.1991 "On the Party Archives". On the basis of the decision of the head of the administration of the Tula Oblast No 490, from 03.07.1995 archive is operating as a Center of Contemporary History of Tula Oblast.

Archival and Other Holdings

Archive contains documents referring to the history of the Tula Region from the period 1917-1991, produced by the various Communist Party, Comsomol and State Institutions.

Among these various documents researchers can find thousands referring to the post-October Revolution Civil War, establishment of the Soviet power, various political events, social, economical and cultural processes from the pre 1941 period.

Among the archive resources are many documents reffering to the 1941 and defense of the Tula region during the German invasion, partisan movement.

Opening Times

Archive is opened between Monday and Thursday, 8.30 am- 5 pm, and on Friday: 8.30 am - 4 pm, with the lunch break between 12 and 12.30 pm.


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