Государственный архив новейшей истории Ставропольского края

  • State Archive of the Contemporary History of Stavropol Kray
  • Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv noveyshey istorii Stavropolskogo kraya


ul. Dzerzhinskogo 215
Stavropol kray


7 (8652) 35-74-93


7 (8652) 75-55-99


Archive was established in 1936 as Northern Caucasus (Severno-Kaukaskiy) Kray Communist Party Archive. It held party documents from the region, created from the time of Revolution in 1917. In 1942, when German armies were approaching Stavropol, 42.490 archival items were evacuated to the town of Ashkhabad in the Turkmen Republic. Most of the other documents perished during the war. In the end of 1943 the Archive returned to Stavropol.
In 1982 the Archive moved to a new building, specially constructed for its purposes, where it is located until today.

In 1991 former Communist Party archive became a branch of the State Archive in Stavropol. In 2002 it was reestablished under its current name, State Archive of Contemporary History of Stavropol Kray.

Geographical and Cultural Context

Archive holds collection of documents of the Communist Party and state institutions from Stavropol Kray from the period between 1920 and 2012.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Archive operates on the basis of the following legal acts:

  • Federal law from 08.05.2010, № 83-FЗ "Оn Amendments to Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the changes of the legal status of state and municipal institutions"

  • Decision of authorities of the Stavropol Kray from 17.11.2010 № 379-P changing the type of State archival institution and establishing the State Archive of Contemporary History of Stavropol Kray.

Administrative Structure

Archive is divided onto 7 departments:

  • Legal and organizational work

-Preservation and State Registry of the documents

  • Information, research and automated archival technologies.

  • Acquisition and operation

  • Provision of information and publication of documents

  • Restauration and reproduction of the documents

  • Maintenance of the building and archival facilities

Archival and Other Holdings

Archive holds collections of documents of the Communist Party, state and other political institutions of the Stavropol Kray from the period between 1920 and 2012.

For the researchers of the World War II special interest are documents of the partisan headquarters of Stavropol Kray of the years 1941-1945. Archive holds documents on the war activity of all main local party and state institutions, as well as the Soviet armies active in the area, army mobilization of the citizens.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

"Путеводитель по фондам государственного архива новейшей истории Ставропольского края", Stavropol 2011 [Guide on the resources of the State Archive of the Stavropol Kray]

This archival guide is available also online:


Opening Times

Archive is opened from Monday to Thursday between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m., and on Friday between 8.30 a.m. and 4.15 p.m. - With a lunch break between 1 and 1.45 p.m.

Reading room of the archive is opened:

Monday-Thursday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., and Friday between 9 a.m. and 3.45 p.m.

Conditions of Access

Researchers need to come with ID document and letter from their home Institution stating purpose of their work. Researcher may order up to 20 archival folders at one time.


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