Центральный государственный архив историко-политических документов Санкт-Петербурга

  • Central State Archive of Historical-Political Documents of St. Petersburg
  • Tsentralnyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv istoriko-politicheskikh dokumentov Sankt-Peterburga


ul. Tavricheskaya 39
St. Petersburg


(812) 271-39-73


(812) 271-39-73


Archive was created in 1929 on the basis of the United Leningrad Party Archive and the Party Institute. In December 1939 it was restructured into Leningrad Regional (Oblast) Communist Party Archive. In the years 1941-1945 archive operated as the Regional and City branch of the Communist Party Structures. For most of this period it was located in Chelabinsk, where it was evacuated in 1941. It had returned to Leningrad in 1944.

From 1945 Archive was formally the regional branch of the Central Party Archive in Moscow, functioning by the Marks-Engels-Lening Institute.

According to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On the Party Archives" from 24 of August 1991 archive was transfered under the jurisdiction of the St. Peterburg Mer and regional administration. On the basis of the decision of the St. Peterburg Mer from 16 of December 1991 archive was renamed into "Central State Archive of Historical-Political Documents of St. Petersburg" (CGAIPD SPB/ (ЦГАИПД СПб).

Geographical and Cultural Context

Archive contains documents of the various Communist Party and Comsomol instititions of the city of St. Petersbug and St. Petersburg region from the years 1917-1991.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Archive is operating on the basis of the decision of the St. Petersburg Authorities from 08.10.2007, No. 1270.

Administrative Structure

Archive is divided into 6 branches:

  • Support of the adminstrative staff

  • Archival Information

  • Scholarly, Publication and Exhibition work

  • Scientific and Reference Apparatus, Information-Seeking Systems and Archival Technologies

  • Acquisition, Departamental Archives and Records Menagement

Archival and Other Holdings

Archive contains 5 478 Research Groups and 3 448 957 document folders.

Archive holds documents of the Communist Party and Comsomol institutions from the years 1917-1991, among them: of Petrograd Committee of the Communist Party, Leningrad Guvernial Committees, North-Western Region Bureau of the Central Committee and various other regional and local branches of the party.

Opening Times

Reading Room of the Archive is opened on: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 10 am and 4 pm.


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