Государственный архив Ростовской области

  • State Archive of Rostov Oblast
  • Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Rostovskoy oblasti


Voroshilovskii pr. 28
Rostov na Donu
Rostov oblast


(863-2) 66-48-92; 66-61-26


State Archive of Rostov Oblast was established in 1920, as the Central Historical Archive and later on as the Archive of the October Revolution. It had collected all the documents from the archives existing in the Rostov province at this time. Its record groups were divided into two main groups: documents from pre-revolutionary and post-1917 period.

In 1934 documents referring to the military forces of the Soviet Union were transferred into the newly established regional military archive.

In the years 1941-1945 archive was evacuated to the city of Omsk. It returned to Rostov almost without any document losses.

After 1945 besides its center in Rostov, Archive had 3 branches in Taganrog, Shakhty and Novocherkask.

Geographical and Cultural Context

Archive holds documents referring to the history of the Rostov Region from the XVII century until the present day.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Archive is operating on the basis of the Law established by the Archival Work Committee of the Rostov Oblast from 12.06.2007 and decree of Rostov Oblast administration from 23.12.2010 № 411.

Charter of the archive is available online:


Administrative Structure

Full administrative structure of the archive is available online:


Archival and Other Holdings

State Archive of Rostov Oblast mostly refer to the period from XVIII century (although archive has some documents from XVII century) until today. Most important are ones referring to the Don Cossacks Army (1745-1920), Don Oblast and South Eastern region of Russia (1920-1924), North Caucasian Country (1924-1934), Azov-Black Sea Country (1934-1937) and Rostov Oblast from 1937 until the present day.

For the Holocaust researchers of special interest could be documents on mobilization for German-Soviet war in 1941-1945, help to the war front, war causalties and material losses, оn post-war economic recovery of the region.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Full list of the research groups of the archive is available online:


Opening Times

Reading Room of the archive is opened Mondays-Thursdays 9.30 am - 5.30 pm.


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