Государственный архив Псковской области

  • State Archive of Pskov Oblast
  • Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Pskovskoy oblasti


ul. Petrova 1
Pskov oblast


(811-2) 53-56-85


(811-2) 53-56-85


History of the Archive began in 1776, when the Pskov Gubernya Chamber was created. Its documents and documents of Pskov Gubernial Authority became the base of the Pskov Gubernial Archive created in 1921. In 1945 it became State Archive of Pskov Oblast.

Geographical and Cultural Context

Archive holds collections referring to the history of the Pskov Region from the end of the second half of XVIII century (few oldest date from XV century) until the present day.

Archival and Other Holdings

For 25.11.2013 archive was holding 3317 record groups. Among them 672 are referring to the pre-1917 period (521327 archival folders). Additional collection consists of 29081 photodocuments ( years 1932–2012).

Holocaust researchers may find various documents from the period of German occupation of the Pskov Region during the II World War.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Online guide at the archive's website http://document.archive.pskov.ru/archiveid/69322726/stocks?lc=ru

«Государственный архив Псковской области. Путеводитель» (Псков, 1963), [State Archive of the Pskov Oblast. Guide.]

«Государственный архив Псковской области. Путеводитель в двух томах (Том 1)» (Великие Луки, 2011), [State Archive of the Pskov Oblast. Guide in two volumes.]

«Личные фонды и коллекции государственных и муниципальных архивов Псковской области. Путеводитель». (Псков, 2013). [Personal Collections of the State and Municipial Archives of the Pskov Oblast. Guide]

Opening Times

Reading Room of the Archive is opened: Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 5.15 pm.


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