Государственный архив Краснодарского края

  • State Archive of Krasnodar Kray
  • Gosudarstvennyyi arkhiv Krasnodarskogo kraya


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Krasnodar kray


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State Archive of Krasnodar Kray was created in 1941, by unification of two local archives: Historical Archive and Archive of the October Revolution.

Basis of first archive were documents of the Black Sea Military Archive that was brought to Kuban (Krasnodar) region together with resettlement of Zaporozhe Cossacks into the area. Cossacks military organization was recreated in the new home and fastly it produced new documentation. It was for the first time organized and placed in separate building in the year 1834.

Following 1917 revolution the new archive was formed to collect documents from the revolutionary and Soviet period.

Second World War started shortly after unification of the both archives. They were evacuated to the eastern parts of the country and many documents were lost.

State Archive of Krasnodar Kray was recreated only in 1953 when it received part of the building at Krasnoarmeyska Str. 37. In 1976 the archive received new building at Stavropolskaya Str. 151 A, where it is located until today.

In 1997 the archive started to introduce computer indexation of its resources.

Geographical and Cultural Context

Archival collections are covering period between 1792 and early 2000s and refer mainly to the history of Krasnodar region.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Archive operates on the basis of three legal regulations:

  • "Laws of organization, preservation, acquisition, registration and usage of documents of the Russian Federation archival resource and other documents in the state and municipial archives, libraries and branches of the Russian Academy of Science" established by the decree from 16 of February 2009 (nr. 68).

  • "On archival activity in Krasnodar Kray" Nr. 958-K3 from 6th December 2005.

  • "On archival activity in Russian Federation" Nr. 125-F3 from 27th October 2004.

For the legal mandate and sources of authority see:


Administrative Structure

State Archive of Krasnodar Kray organizational structure has 7 departments:

  • Department of information and search systems and of usage of the archival documents

  • Department of securing and state registration of the archival documents

  • Department of the creation of archival resource, archival branches and industrial documentation.

  • Department of photo, film and phonographic documents.

  • Department of material and technological maintenance of the archival facilities.

  • Department of scientific and reference system.

  • Department of computer technologies.

Archival and Other Holdings

Archival resources are divided into two main collections, first encompassing pre-revolutionary period before 1917 and second one, documenting soviet times. Both of the collections are covering history of the Krasnodar region.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Two basic finding aids to the archival resource were published by the archive:

  • Путеводитель по государственным архивам Краснодарского края. /Под ред. Г.Т. Чучмая, А.С. Азаренковой. Краснодар, 1963. (Guide to the Government Archives of the Krasnodar Kray", ed. G.T. Chuchmay, Krasnodar, 1963)

  • Путеводитель по государственным архивам Краснодарского края (дополнение за 1960-1985 гг.) / Отв. сост. Э.М. Ефимова-Сякина, Г.А. Тюнеева. Краснодар, 1990 (Guide to the Government Archives of the Krasnodar Kray [supplement for the years 1960-1985], ed. E.M Efimova-Syakina, G.A. Tuneeva, Krasnodar 1990

Full list of archival record groups is accessible online (in pdf file format):

Opening Times

Reading room of the archive is opened from Monday to Thursday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m

Record groups indexes are available in the day of order. Ones concerning pre 1917 period are loaned for 3 days, ones concerning post 1917 period for two days.

Microfilms are loaned in 3 days from their ordering.

Reproduction Services

Researchers may order copies of the researched documents. Copies are made in one week time from the order. Researcher may order from 5 to 10% of the content of particular folder.


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