Центр документации новейшей истории Краснодарского края

  • Center of Documentation of Contemporary History of Krasnodar Kray
  • Tsentr dokumentatsii noveyshey istorii Krasnodarskogo kraya


ul. Akademika Pavlova 122
Krasnodar kray


(8-861) 239-75-53; 239-75-37


(8-861) 239-75-53


History of the Archive begins in 1920, when the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party created regional centers for the documentation of the October Revolution and history of the party (Inspart). Local branches of the Inspart, due to prolonging Civil War in the area, were created in 1921 and 1922. In 1929, due to the administration changes in the Soviet State, all regional Inspart documents were transfered to the North-Caucasus Inspart Archive in Rostov on Don.
In 1938, after the creation of new administrative entity of Krasnodarskiy Kray (Province), local provincial archive was created again. In 1940 it received back documents concerning the history of the Province, from 1920 (beginning of the Inspart Archive in Kuban/Krasnodar Province). During the World War II, between October and December 1941 all the archival documents were safely evacuated to the city of Uralsk in Kazakhstan, where they stayed until 1944. Archive reactivated in Krasnodar in 1946. In 1960s it had more than 800.000 archival folders. During this time archival staff worked heavily collecting documents from the World War II period, collecting memoirs of the old Bolsheviks remembering period of Civil War and October Revolution.

Geographical and Cultural Context

Archive holds documents relating to the newest history of the Kuban Region, from the beginning of the XX century until the present day.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

All the normative acts being the legal sources of activity of Center of Documentation of Contemporary History of Krasnodar Kray and archival administration of the region can be found online:


Archival and Other Holdings

Основные фонды партийных комитетов содержат документы с начала их деятельности (с 1920 года и позже) и до момента ликвидации (в 1991 году или ранее в связи с изменениями административно-территориального деления). Дореволюционный период представлен материалами коллекций по истории Кубани и истпарта, в них имеются отдельные документы, относящиеся и к XIX веку.

Today archive holds 623,300 archival folders, which are around 19% of all of the archival fond of the Kuban Region.
Center of Documentation of Contemporary History of Krasnodar Kray collection refers mainly to the XX century and Soviet period. It has documents relating to the October Revolution of 1917, Civil War, 1930s, World War II in the Soviet Union (1941-1945), and after 1945. Pre-Revolutionary period documentation consists mainly of materials collected in 1920s by Inspart. In these collections researchers can find few documents from the XIX century.

Opening Times

Archival Reading Room is opened Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 9 am and 4 pm, Friday between 9 am and 3.30 pm


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