Ośrodek "Brama Grodzka - Teatr NN"

  • The "Grodzka Gate–NN Theatre” Centre


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The Center "Brama Grodzka - Teatr NN" is a self-government cultural institution, which works in Lublin. Its name "Brama Grodzka" is related to the gate in the Lublin Old Town. This gate was a passage between Polish and Jewish district in Lublin. The center was created in the beginning of the 90' of XX century. In 1992 it settled in the Grodzka Gate and the nearest houses. They were very neglected and the general renovation was absolutely necessary. The purpose of this initiative was not only a revitalization of the Old Town but also memory's preservation of the Lublin past, especially of the Jewish community (before 1939 the Jewish community in Lublin was over 40 000 people).

Archival and Other Holdings

The activity of the Center is focused on the organization of exhibitions, performances, and preservation of the all material and non-material trails of the past. It organized, among other things, the following initiatives:

  • "Dom - Grodzka 19" (documentation in the photographs of every-day life of inhabitants of the Lublin Old Town).
  • Exhibitions: "Wielka Księga Miasta" ("The Great Book of the City", 1998) and "Portret Miejsca" ("The Portrait of the Place" 1999) which were concerning the Lublin history before 1939. The element of these exhibitions was a model of the pre-war Lublin Old Town together with the former Jewish district.
  • The Oral History Project. The systematic recording of Lublin inhabitants' memories. There are over 3000 hours of records.
  • Exhibition: "Elementarz" ("A Primer" 2003). The exhibition was organized in the State Museum in Majdanek (the former Nazi concentration camp) in one of the camp's sheds. It was dedicated to the children, who were prisoners of this camp.
  • The Lublin Underground Route (2005) with staging of the fire in Lublin in 1719 and numerous models of Lublin in various periods.
  • Exhibition "Lublin. Pamięć miejsca" ("Lublin. The Place's Memory", 2009). The collection of hundred photographs, together with the created sounds of pre-war Lublin. The second part of this exhibition was devoted to the memory of Jewish community and to the Righteous ones, who saved Lublin Jews.
  • The Printers Chamber (Izba Drukarstwa, 2007) - the renovation of the building of former Lublin Printer Chamber.
  • Exhibition: "Siła Słowa" ("The Power of the Word - 2011). It was devoted to the history in independent publishing movement in Poland during World War II and in communist Poland (70's and 80's).
  • "Plac Śmierci" ("The "Place of the Death") - a project of commemoration of Lublin Umschlagplatz: the place of deportation of Lublin Jews to the Bełżec extermination camp.
  • The Center "Brama Grodzka" creates a multimedial project of historical education (e.g. The Virtual Library of Lublin, and Lexicon Lublin).


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