Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht

  • Amstel, Gooi and Vecht Water Board
  • Hoogheemraadschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht, AGV


Korte Ouderkerkerdijk 7
North Holland
1096 AC


+31 (0)900 - 93 94


The Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht has orginated from the Hoogheemraadschap Amstel Gooi en Vecht.

Archival and Other Holdings

Materials of the Waterschap Amstel, Gooi and Vecht include archives of Dutch governmental instutitions and persons ranging from to after the war in the municipalities of the Amstel, Gooi and Vecht water board.The materials include, among others, documents stating a person is not a Jew, documents of the dyke patrole during the war, and minutes on arranging the costs of the war damage.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

The online search engine can be found here.

Opening Times

The reading room is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Conditions of Access

Before visiting the reading room to consult documents, you need to make an appointment and contact the staff.

If you wish to consult documents, you must register as a visitor at the reading. You must show a valid identity card there.

Reproduction Services

You may use reproductions from the archives and himself in the reading pictures - both analog and digital - creating archival and library materials,

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