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The archive in Klaipėda started operating in 1945. The state archive of the city of Klaipėda was initially under the control of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Executive Committee of the City of Klaipėda and subordinated to the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the Lithuanian SSR (NKVD), later - to the Archives Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lithuanian SSR (MVD). The archive served not only the city of Klaipėda, but also the county (district) of Klaipėda. It is assumed that the Germans took away the main part of the documents of the former pre-war archive of Klaipėda when they left, but some of the fonds were not taken away. Later, the old pre-war document fonds were transferred to the Central State Archive of the Lithuanian SSR. In 1960, with the establishment of the Archives Board under the Council of Ministers of the Lithuanian SSR, the subordination of the state archive of the city of Klaipėda changed. Over the years, the archive was filled with new documents created in the activities of institutions, companies and organizations operating in the city and county (district) of Klaipėda. Since 1997, the archive has been called the Klaipėda County Archive, and since 2017, after connecting the archives of Tauragė and Telšiai counties to the archive, it has become the Klaipėda Regional State Archive.

Geographical and Cultural Context

Preserves documents of the regional state, municipal, and non-state institutions, enterprises and individuals of the Klaipėda, Tauragė, and Telšiai counties from 1944 until the present day. Some records date 1940-1941. Archives is also involved in the supervision of records management of local public institutions.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

The activities of the Archives have been arranged in accordance with the Lithuanian Constitution, European Union legislation, and additional laws that regulate the activities of the Archives as a public government office.

Archival and Other Holdings

The Klaipėda Regional State Archives comprise several sets of documents that occupy approximately 7 200 linear meters of shelving space:

Documents relating to the period of the Republic of Lithuania (1924–1931, and 1939): photographic documents pertaining to the Port of Klaipėda including the fonds of the Commercial Seaport of Klaipėda, Tauragė Branch of the Agricultural Bank, agricultural credit unions and Tauragė Town Board; Documents relating to the Soviet occupation period (1944–1990): documents of local government and state institutions, notary offices, institutions of justice, planning, statistics, finance, construction, transport, trade, health care, teaching and education, culture; also collective farms and state farms, industrial enterprises, public and other types of institutions that were functioning on the Klaipėda, Tauragė and Telšiai counties; Documents relating to the period of Independence (since 1990): archival fonds of institutions of the restored Republic of Lithuania. Documents created by the state and self-government institutions, offices and industrial enterprises that were and still are functioning in the Klaipėda, Tauragė and Telšiai counties;

Holocaust-related minutes and decisions of the Agricultural Committees regarding the expropriation of private property (farms, shops, small businesses etc.) in Klaipeda County by the Soviet authorities during and after World War II.

Opening Times

Working hours of the archive reading rooms are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, and until 3:00 p.m. on Fridays and days before public holidays.

Conditions of Access

The reading room serves only registered readers who have submitted written requests to the reading room employee directly, by mail, or by other electronic means.


Research Services

Searching for documents is carried out with the help of archive information systems, archive fond directories, descriptions, files, topographic files and according to the alphabetical and systematic catalogs of some fonds.

Reproduction Services

Readers can order copies of documents after paying for their reproduction. Upon request, it is allowed to photograph documents with personal photographic equipment.


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