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  • The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences - Manuscripts Department


Functions: Amassing, cataloguing, preservation, studying, and publicizing the documentary heritage kept in the department’s holdings; making manuscripts and information materials available to the library’s users; advising readers about documents kept in the department; participation in national and international projects on documentary heritage. The manuscripts kept in the department’s holdings as of 2010 are divided into 395 collections. The majority of the manuscripts are from the 16th–20th centuries; the oldest one dates to the 11th century. Most documents are in Latin, Ruthenian, Polish, Russian, or German, and from the late 16th century also in Lithuanian. They reflect the history of the present-day Republic of Lithuania, Belarus, Northern Poland, and Eastern Prussia.

The most valuable and compact sets of documents are:

Parchment collection (1421 unit, the 12th–20th century), former stocks of church institutions (e.g., the archive of Vilnius Cathedral Capitula and part of Archepiscopal archives, 1387– 20th century); the Vilnius Evangelical Reformers Synod Archive (16th–20th century); archive of the dwindling community of Karaimes, a Turkish ethnic group living in Lithuania (17th–20th century); part of the archive of the Sapiehas, magnates of the GDL (17th–19th century); fragments of Lithuanian manorial archives (15th–20th century); archives of Lithuanian national organizations and newspapers editorial boards that were functioning in the Vilnius region at the period of the annexation by Poland (1920–1939); Ecclesiastical and other Russian manuscript books (11th–19th century); collections of hand-drawn psalm books illustrations and Lithuanian artists’ drawings; archives of professors of the old Vilnius University; various collections of documents related to the political, economic, and cultural life of 16th–20th-century Lithuania; archives of prominent 20th-century Lithuanian scientists, members of the Academy, writers, architects, etc.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Printed information publications:

Abramavičius, Vladas. Rankraščių rinkiniai. – Vilnius, 1963. Feodalinių žemės valdų Lietuvoje inventorių aprašymas / sud. Vladas Abramavičius. – Vilnius, 1963. Jasas, Rimantas. Pergamantų katalogas. – Vilnius, 1980. Kova už Tarybų valdžią Lietuvoje : 1918–1940 m. rankraščių bibliografinė rodyklė / sud. V. Abramavičius, J. Šliubauskienė. // Bibliotekininkystė ir bibliografija. – Vilnius, 1961, t. 1, p. 23–125. Labanauskienė, Danutė. Autografų kolekcija. – Vilnius, 1989. Labanauskienė, Danutė. Rankraščių fondai. – Vilnius, 1994. Lietuvos TSR mokslų akademijos rankraštinių darbų ir disertacijų bibliografija 1946–1956 / V. Abramavičius, K. Čepienė. – Vilnius, 1958. Petkevičiūtė, Danutė. Rankraščiai apie 1863 m. sukilimą Lietuvoje : bibliografinė rodyklė. // Bibliotekininkystė ir bibliografija. – Vilnius, 1963, t. 2, p. 213–303. Przewodnik po zbiorach rękopisów w Wilnie / opracowała Maria Kocójowa. – Kraków, 1993. Revoliucinis judėjimas Lietuvoje ir Baltarusijoje 1905–1907 metais / N.A. Leškovič. – Vilnius, 1958. Добрянский, Флавиан Николаевич. Описание рукописей Виленской публичной библиотеки, церковно-славянских и русских. – Вильна, 1882. Описание рукописнаго отделения Виленской публичной библиотеки. – Вильна, 1895–1906, вып. 1–5.

Electronic databases:

Parchments' digital image archive Musicalia: a multimedia database of old musical manuscripts 4. Manuscript electronic catalogue

The catalogue started to be compiled in 1997. It is possible to perform a search for the documents from the following collections:

The collection of single documents (F8, only some post-1997 documents); the collection of archival documents (F25, only some post-1997 documents); the collection of dissertations and other scientific writings of the researchers working in the system of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (F26, only some post-1997 documents); the collection of literary manuscripts (F29, only some post-1997 documents); the Curia of the Archdiocese of Vilnius (F318); the Vilnius Priest Seminary (F342); the stocks of the Vilnius Capitula (F43, only some documents); Alė Rūta’s collection (F354); Mykolas Biržiška’s collection (F165); Juozas Girdvainis’s collection (F221); Zigmas Kuzmickis’s collection (F319); Adolfas Raulinaitis’s collection (F322); Antanas Salis’s collection (F333); Vytautas Sirijos-Gira collection (F349); Vincas Uždavinys collection (F183); individual documents from other collections, see the list of collections.

Opening Times

Reader services are provided in the Tadeusz Wroblewski Reading Room (2 Floor, Room 30):

Mondays - Fridays 8.00-19.00

Research Services

The documents from the Manuscripts Department can be ordered until 16.45. Readers who intend to work in the specialized reading rooms after 16.45 are kindly requested to order the documents in advance. The reading room is shared with the Rare Books Department; there are 18 workplaces for readers.


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