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Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Opening Times

The reading room is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 5 pm.

It is closed on Wednesday mornings until 1.30 pm.

Conditions of Access

The consultation of archive documents is done on site, in the reading room.

The following rules must be observed:

Documents must be treated with the utmost care: bundles of documents must be laid flat on the tables, and large-format registers must be consulted on the desks provided for this purpose. It is forbidden to lean on a document or a book, to make annotations, to underline or to pencil. Transferring is permitted, provided that a transparent plastic sheet is inserted. To avoid any risk of downgrading, only one item at a time is communicated to each reader.

Any anomaly within a bundle must be reported to the Archives' staff, who will take care of its reclassification.

In order to avoid any accidental material damage to documents during consultation, food and drink as well as the use of ink pens, glue, scissors and cutters are strictly forbidden in the reading room.

The consultation of microfilms from other archives is possible. Please contact us for information on the conditions.

Research Services

Research by correspondence (excluding civil status records) is possible, provided that the request is precise and limited, and that the document sought is not online on the Departmental Archives website. The deadlines vary according to the nature of the research and are constrained by the availability of staff. The answer may be a simple indication of the collections to be consulted.

The fees for research and reproductions of archives are set by deliberation of the Departmental Council.

Reproduction Services

The archive document is unique and irreplaceable. Sometimes fragile or damaged, its conservation is everyone's business. In order not to become a factor of further deterioration, its handling and reproduction require certain precautions.

Photocopying of documents may therefore be subject to certain restrictions, particularly in the case of bound or fragile documents. Microfilming and digitisation allow the consultation of valuable or deteriorating documents in the form of reproductions. These techniques also allow the delivery of paper or digital copies.!800,800&region=full&format=pdf&download=1&crop=centre&realWidth=1240&realHeight=1754&force-inline


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