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Archival and Other Holdings

The Archives of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research house a growing collection of materials relevant to the Institute’s research, publication, and exhibition activities. These include records and papers, periodicals, brochures, flyers, posters, photographs, and audiovisual media relevant to topics from contemporary history, with a special focus on protest movements in post-war Germany.

Archival holdings serve first and foremost the needs of the Institute’s research staff but are also made available to the public.

The largest section in the Archives is the special collection Protest, Resistance and Utopia in the Federal Republic of Germany, which includes documents from protest movements focusing on political, social, and cultural issues from the establishment of the West German state in 1949 to the present. Protest movement refers here to the broad spectrum of groups outside of political parties, parliaments, and other large organizations that participate in or initiate political controversies.

The Protest Chronicle, a research and publication project pursued by Wolfgang Kraushaar within the Research Unit: The Society of the Federal Republic of Germany, makes extensive use of this special collection.

Further sections of the Archives have emerged in the course of research projects in the social sciences or contemporary history conducted in the Institute; this material is included in the collections related to research projects. In certain cases the Archives acquire material that is not directly related to current research activities. Parts of these collections are also available for use by visitors.

A third section houses documents directly related to the Hamburg Institute for Social Research as an institution, including papers from research projects (correspondence, contracts etc.) and other Institute departments or activities (Archives, Library, Press and Public Affairs Office, working groups, etc.). In general, this material is accessible to Institute staff only. (Source:

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Opening Times

Since the Archives do not have fixed opening hours, users are asked to contact us to make an appointment for their visit.

Conditions of Access

Workplaces are available for those planning to use the Archives for longer periods. However, due to increased demand, users who would like to reserve space must contact the Archives well in advance of their intended visit.

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