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The Central Archives of the Evangelical Church in Berlin (EZA) was founded in 1979. In 1992, the archival holdings of the BEK and the EKU; unions of Evangelical churches within Germany, were moved to the Central Archive of the Evangelical Church in Berlin (EZA).

Archival and Other Holdings

The EZA is responsible for the records of offices, organizations and institutions of the Evangelical Church of Germany and the Archive of the Evangelical Church of the Union. The EZA also holds archival material from independent organizations and associations that have worked with the Evangelical church, and from other important individuals who were associated with the workings of the church. EZA mainly holds Protestant parish records or copies from the former Prussian church provinces beyond the Oder-Neisse border (Eastern Prussia, Western Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, eastern territories of Mark Brandenburg and Silesia) as well as some Protestant military church records.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Online research of the repository can be accessed here: https://ezab.de/bestaende.html

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 09:00am to 04:00pm

Conditions of Access

Reservations for research use of the reading room is necessary, according to the online reading room guide.


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