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Basic tasks: Expert maintenance of archive material of military nature covering the period from 1723 to 1989. Processing of computer databases of the archive fonds for broad use by self-governing and national bodies and institutions and individuals. Presenting of processes archve materials for various purposes. Providing requested information for administrative purposes. Participation in development of methodical and other expert manuals and guidelines for military archiving.

Archive fonds and collections deposited in the Archive of Military History:

  1. Austrian Fonds & Collections: common military fonds, Austrian Landwehr fonds, Austrian Sturmwehr fonds, personal fonds

  2. 1914-1939 Fonds & Collections: Fonds of central bodies of the Czechoslovak foreign resistance in 1914-1920, fonds of senior HQs and Staffs, local HQs, military units of the Czechoslovak legions in Russia, France and Italy and fonds of compatriot associations in the USA, Russia, France, etc. Fonds of temporary military bodies during the operations in Slovakia and in the Těšín region in 1918-1919. Central bodies of the Czechoslovak armed forces. Personal fonds and heritage.

  3. 1939-1945 Fond & Collections: Fond of the Czechoslovak central military bodies abroad, fonds of the Czechoslovak foreign military missions, Czechoslovak military and air attachés and liaison officers. Fonds generated by the Czechoslovak foreign military units. Fonds generated by the government forces of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, so called German fonds. Archive collections focussing on antifascist resistance, personal fonds and heritage.

  4. Post-1945 Fonds & Collections: Fonds of the central military bodies. Fonds of the Czechoslovak military missions, embassies, military and air attachés abroad. Fond of military HQs, units, schools, institutes, authorities, hospitals after 1945. Fonds of military judicial bodies and disciplinary committees.

  5. Foto Archive

Opening Times

Research room opening times: June 2013 - June 2014 closed for public due to the moving of the archive. Otherwise - Monday: closed for public; Tuesday: 8am - 3:15pm; Wednesday: 8am - 5:45pm; Thursday: 8am - 3:15pm; Friday: closed for public.


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