Státní okresní archiv Opava

  • State District Archive Opava


Březinova 6
Moravskoslezský kraj
746 22


+420 553 607 282


State District Archive Opava was established in 1957, when historian Jaroslav Bakala became the first head of this Archive.

On 1 August 2002, the State District Archives in Opava became part of the Provincial Archives in Opava. In June 2017, the archive was transferred to Březinova 6 Street. At present, the archive has, in addition to the central office in Opava, two subsidiary depositories in Lidická Street and in the village of Skrochovice.

As of mid-2017, the archive held 1,884 fonds, which equated to 4,835 linear metres of documentation. Of this total, 824 fonds equating to 2,700 linear metres have been professionally processed.

Archival and Other Holdings

The State District Archive Opava holds archival documents associated with the activities of state and local administration, schools, guilds, and organisations of the former district of Opava. The State District Archive Opava's library possesses more then 9,000 books, which are related to the topic of local history, archival science and Czech history.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

State District Archive Opava is gradually registering and cataloguing its collections on electronic databases. For digitised documents, it is possible to view the archival material in high resolution at the following site:

The database "Archive Groups in the Czech Republic", administered by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, also provides the public with basic information on fonds and collections stored in archives throughout the Czech Republic. The web application is available in English as well:

Opening Times

The Archives' reading room is open on Monday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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