Státní okresní archiv Domažlice se sídlem v Horšovském Týně

  • State District Archive of Domažlice in Horšovský Týn
  • SOkA Domažlice


Náměstí Republiky 10
Horšovský Týn
Plzeňský kraj
316 01
Czech Republic


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A district archive in Domažlice (separate from the pre-existing city archive) was established as an institution in 1955 on the basis of Government Decree No. 29/1954 Coll. of 7 May 1954. After administrative reforms in 1960, the district archives in Domažlice, Horšovský Týn and a part of the Stod District Archive were merged.

Archival and Other Holdings

The archival material of the State District Archive of Domažlice in Horšovský Týn consists of historical fonds of towns, especially the large fond of the royal town of Domažlice and the fond of the ancient town of Horšovský Týn. Equally important archival units include the fonds of the cities of Poběžovice, Hostouň, Všeruby, Klenčí pod Čerchovem, Kdyně and Staňkov, whose registers were deposited with the authorities and later in the city museums. From there they were transferred to the newly established district archives, where the documents of schools and school administration, guilds, associations and communities were also transferred. In the early 1960s, documents of state, judicial and financial administration bodies were deposited in the Archive. Furthermore, based on the deposit agreements, the Archive manages the documents of the Roman Catholic Church.

The State District Archive Domažlice, stores almost 1,700 archival fonds, which equates to approximately 2,850 linear meters of records dating from 1325 to 2001.

The State District Archive Domažlice primarily stores:

  • political administration fonds, especially district political administration after 1850 (district authorities, district administrative commissions, district councils, etc.)
  • financial administration fonds, especially district financial administration after 1850 (e.g. tax, tax and customs offices)
  • municipal self-government fonds (archives of towns and municipalities) and special-interest fonds (e.g. guilds, trade associations, professional organisations)
  • fonds of national committees (district, city and local national committees) and their facilities (e.g. district commission of folk control, folk control committees, district agricultural administration, fire brigades, national committee premises)
  • judicial administration fonds (district courts, official courts, district prosecution offices, public and private notaries, etc.)
  • fonds of schools and school administration (various types of schools, district, district and local school councils, SRPŠ)
  • fonds of financial institutions (e.g. credit unions, savings banks)
  • fonds of health facilities (hospitals, children's homes, educational institutions, etc.)
  • fonds of political and trade unions (political parties, ROH, district and local committees of NF etc.)
  • fonds of cooperative organisations (e.g. JZD)
  • fonds of other organisations and associations (Sokol, workers' physical unity, Czech Physical Education Union, volunteer fire brigades, various cultural, interest, military, teacher, student, religious, artistic, educational, social, savings, etc. social organisations after r. 1948, etc.)
  • fonds of cultural and scientific institutions (e.g. libraries, galleries, theaters, cinemas, children's and youth houses)
  • fonds of ecclesiastical institutions (mainly parishes, deaneries, vicariate offices)

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

There is an online archival aid to the fonds and collections of SOkA Domažlice that have been professionally processed. This aid can be accessed at:

Archival records throughout the Czech Republic are also searchable in a nationwide database:

Opening Times

Monday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Conditions of Access

Operation of the reading room is governed by the Research Rules issued by the State Regional Archive in Pilsen. See: