Comité de Coordination des Organisations Juives de Belgique asbl / Coordinatiecomité van de Joodse Organisaties van België VZW

  • Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations in Belgium


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The establishment of the union of Jewish organisations in Belgium dates back to before the war, but it was not until 26 March 1969 that it was re-founded under the name 'Belgian Section of the World Jewish Congress'. In 1984, the organisation gave up its name for its current name: Coordination Committee of Jewish Organisations in Belgium.

The Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organisations in Belgium (CCOJB) is an organisation that is made up of numerous cultural, political, sporting, educational, social and religious organisations of the Jewish Community of Belgium.

Geographical and Cultural Context

The CCOJB aims to represent the Jewish organisations in Belgium, independently of the different political, social or religious tendencies that may exist between them.

The principal missions of the CCOJB are: fighting for the defence, study and development of Jewish values in Belgium, fighting against anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia, stimulating remembrance of the Shoah, defending the moral and material rights of the members of the Jewish community in Belgium and their right holders, and lastly, support for the State of Israel.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

The CCOJB is a member of the European Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress. The federation was created by David Susskind and Markus Pardès in 1970, in the context of the campaign undertaken in favour of the Jews in the Soviet Union.

Today there are 39 affiliated organisations. Each association is represented on the CCOJB board by one delegate, also charged with electing a new president every two years. The delegates and members meet in several thematic commissions.

Records Management and Collecting Policies

In 1996 the leadership of the CCOJB decided to preserve and reconstruct the archives of the organisation. Thierry Delplancq was asked to collect and inventory the archives of the CCOJB, including the material kept by the various presidents of the CCOJB. These parts were copied, collected and ordered thematically and chronologically. Part of the original material remained with the (former) presidents of the CCOJB. It’s very likely that some archival material produced after 1996 is still held by the various chairmen of the CCOJB.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

T. Delplancq, Inventaire des archives du CCOJB, typescript, Bruxelles, 1996.

This inventory contains item by items descriptions of the correspondence, with mention of the authors and subject of the letters. Furthermore, it contains a thematic and name index.

Conditions of Access

Access requires the authorisation of the president of the CCOJB.


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