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Hercegovačko-neretvanski kanton
Bosnia & Herzegovina


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+387 (0)36 551 047


The Archives in Mostar were founded in 1954. The name was changed to "Archives of Herzegovina" in 1964. After the Dayton Agreement and creation of the Cantons it became archival institution under the supervision of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

Geographical and Cultural Context

The institutions keeps archival records from the area of Herzegovina, more specifically Herzegovina - Neretva Canton.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Archive's work is regulated via the Law on archival records (Sl.novine HNK/Ž no. 07/04) and other related acts, Guidelines for transferring archival material between its owners and the Archive, etc. („Sl. novine HNK/Ž“ no: 4/05, „Službene novine HNK/Ž“ no. 4/05) and Pricing list of archival services in the Archives of HNŽ („Službene novine HNK/Ž“ no. 2/06).

Reproduction Services

A digital and photocopy reproduction service is available if requested.

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