Historijski arhiv Sarajevo

  • Historical Archives Sarajevo


The Archive was formed on 3rd of May 1948, as Archive of Sarajevo. It was founded by the People's Commitee of Sarajevo (Act I/6491, officialy published on 20th of May 1948). The Archive of Sarajevo changed several locations, most of them lacking in conditions for professional and adequate protection of archival records. Since 1999. it is stationed in the building at Alipasina no. 19, but it also has depo's with holdings in Vrbanjuša and other locations. The name of the Archive was changed in 1975, when it became "The Historical Archive of Sarajevo" (Istorijski arhiv Sarajevo).

Administrative Structure

Administrative structure of the Archive is as follows:

  1. Branch for general and legal affairs and protection of records outside the Archive
  • Service for general and legal affairs
  • Service for supervision and protection of records in registry offices
  1. Branch for storage, use and technical protection of archival records and books
  2. Branch for arrangement and processing of archival records;
  3. Branch for science, research, publishing, cultural and educational activities.


Main building (offices and reading room) in Sarajevo Storage (depo) building: Vrbanjuša

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

A general guide with information about fonds and collections kept in the Archive can be found in: Vodic kroz fondove i zbirke Istorijskog arhiva Sarajevo (edited by Sejdalija Gušić), Sarajevo 2003.

Opening Times

9-15 h

Reproduction Services

Photocopies and digitized copies available on demand.

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