Dokumentationsstelle Hartheim des oberösterreichischen Landesarchivs

  • Hartheim Documentation Centre of the Upper Austrian State Archives

Records Management and Collecting Policies

The Documentation Centre Hartheim is situated on the second floor of Hartheim Castle. The Documentation Centre’s mission is to collect and archive materials relevant to Hartheim and the history of the castle as a National Socialist euthanasia institution from 1940 to 1944, and to make these materials available. This is to enable on-site research into Hartheim as a Nazi euthanasia centre. One major task is the project “Hartheim Memorial Book”. In this project we are attempting to record the names of all those murdered in Hartheim.

Archival and Other Holdings

For research purposes, the Documentation Centre Hartheim collects all kinds of documents, objects and artefacts with a connection to the Nazi euthanasia, particularly in Hartheim Castle. The collections are stored and cared for in accordance with scholarly standards, and are continuously being expanded.


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