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  1. Universität zu Köln

    • University of Cologne
  2. Konrad von Preysing

    • Konrad von Preysing Lichtenegg-Moos
    • Konrad Graf von Preysing
    • Johann Konrad Maria Augustin Felix, Graf von Preysing Lichtenegg-Moos
  3. Főszolgabiroi hivatal Kassa

    • Hlavnoslúžnovský úrad v Košiciach
    • Chief Constable´s Office in Košice
  4. Западный штаб партизанского движения

    • Western Staff of Partisan Movement

    1942 - 1943

    Western Staff of Partisan Movement was established on May 30, 1942 by the order of State Defense Committee (GKO) together with the Central Staff of Partisan Movement. The head of Western Staff D.M. Popov was appointed as its head.

  5. Чрезвычайная Государственная Комиссия

    • ChGK
    • Soviet Extraordinary State Commission for the Investigation of the German-Fascist Crimes
    • ChGK - Chrezvychaynaya gosudarstvennaya komissiya po ustanovleniyu i rassledovaniyu zlodeyaniy nemetsko-fashistskikh zakhvatchikov i ikh soobshchnikov
    • State Extraordinary Commission for Investigation of Nazi War Crimes in the Soviet Union
    • Soviet Extraordinary State Commission

    Investigating War Crimes

  6. László Endre

    • Endre, László
    • Endre, László 1895-1946



    Hungarian extreme right-wing politician, administrative expert, one of the most influential antisemitic public figures in wartime Hungary. He served as the subprefect of Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun County from 1938 to 1944. In March 1944, he was appointed undersecretary of state of the Ministry of the Interior, and as such was primarily responsible for the deportation of the Hungarian Jews. He was a government commissioner for the military operational zone under the Szálasi government. He was sentenced to death and executed after the war.

  7. Staatsanwaltschaft bei dem Landgericht Berlin

    • Magistrate's Court Landesarchiv in Berlin
  8. Bulgarian Police Directorate

  9. Petur Izraelevich Gabe

  10. Българската народна банка

    • Bulgarian People's Bank
    • БНБ
  11. National Bank - Bulgaria

  12. Jewish community - Drama

  13. Jewish municipality - Ksanti

  14. Komisarstvo Evreyskite Vaprosi

    • Commissariat for Jewish Questions
    • KEV

    Founded in 1940

    The Bulgarian government created in 1940 the Komisarstvo Evreyskite Vaprosi to implement and oversee Jewish policies. The KEV was headed by Alexander Belev, an attorney just returned from Germany, where he had studied the Nuremberg Laws to help write the Zakon ze Zashtita na Natziata (Law for the Protection of the Nation). The KEV was funded by property stolen from Jews.