Frumka Plotnicka

  • פרומקה פלוטניצקה
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Plotnicka Frumka (1914-1943) one of the leaders of HeHalutz underground movement in Poland.

From early youth she was a member of and activist in the ""Dror"" Zionist movement. After the outbreak of the war along with other members of hakhsharot (Zionist training farms) she reached the Soviet occupied territories and in 1940 was called back to the German occupation zone with a group of ""Dror"" leaders to establish the underground network for the movement. From June 1940 onwards Plotnicka traveled throughout Poland, even to the most remote ghettoes to strenghten the underground network.

In September 1942 she was sent by the Jewish Fighting Organization to Bedzin to help with setting up the defense by the underground organization. She was active as well in passing information concerning the fate of the Polish Jewry to various people and organizations in Slovakia and Switzerland.

Plotnicka declined offers to save her life and reach Slovakia and fell in battle with the last fighters in Bedzin "


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