Nathan Schwalb

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Nathan Schwalb was born in Stanislawow, Poland (today Ivano Frankovsk, Ukraine) in 1908. He made aliya to Eretz Israel and was member of Kibbutz Hulda. He spent World War II in Geneva as the representative of the World Hechalutz movement, serving as contact person and a financial welfare source for the Jews. He corresponded with hundreds of people in the occupied countries and was active in many areas including the sending of parcels via the Red Cross, mainly to Poland, and transferring funds via messengers whom he drafted for this purpose.

Schwalb attempted to keep in touch with Hechalutz activists in the occupied areas, to offer them whatever help he could and to gather and disseminate information regarding what was happening in these areas concerning the Jews. Among his other activities, he received reports from Gisi Fleischmann regarding the situaition of the Jews in Slovakia.

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attempts to rescue jews

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