Demjanjuk John Iwan

  • דמיאניוק, ג'ון, 1920-2012
  • Demyanyuk, Ivan, 1920-2012
  • Demyanyuk, G'ohn, 1920-2012
  • Demjanjuk, Iwan, 1920-2012
  • דמיניוק, ג'ון
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Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian who immigrated to the United States and was extradited to Israel, was accused of serving as a guard in the Treblinka extermination camp during the war. The inmates of the camp referred to him as "Ivan the Terrible". In 1987, Ivan Demjanjuk was placed on trial in Jerusalem in accordance with the Nazi and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law. The Jerusalem District Court, in session with the special panel of Judges Dov Levin, Tzvi Tal and Dalia Dorner, found Demjanjuk guilty and sentenced him to death. Demjanjuk appealed the verdict, and in 1993, he was acquitted because the charge had not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. At the same time, the court rejected his claim that he had not served as a collaborator with the Germans during the war. Demjanjuk was deported to the United States and retried there. In 2009 Demjanjuk was extradited to Germany and tried. He was found guilty of assistance in the murder of over 28,000 Jews when he served as a Wachmann (guard) in the Sobibor camp, and sentenced to five years in prison.


  • Kiev, Ukraine

  • Bad Feilnbach, Germany