Chaim Pazner

  • חיים פזנר
  • Chaim Pozner
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Chaim Pazner was born in Kowal, Poland, 04 January 1899. In his youth he was active in the Hechalutz movement in the Wloclawek area in Poland, and he served as Vice-Principal of the Hebrew High School in Wloclawek. He was the director of the Committee of Assistance to Polish Refugees in Danzig, 1920-1922. He also served as the representative of the Jewish Telegraphic Association (JTA) in Danzig, 1921-1923. He was one of the leaders of the League for Working Eretz Israel in Wloclawek, and he was elected as a representative to the 12th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad and to other Zionist conventions. He was the head of the Labor Zionist Movement in Danzig, 1931-1937.

Pazner served as the Director of the Eretz Israel Office in Danzig, May 1934-late 1938. His work came to an end when he was forced to leave Danzig. He received a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Basel, 1939.

Pazner served as the Director of the Eretz Israel Office in Geneva, 01 January 1940-late 1948; part of the time he was also the representative of the Jewish Agency Finance Department in Europe.

He joined the [Israel] Finance Ministry, November 1948, and served as the Ministry representative in Europe, until 16 April 1953. He also served as a lecturer on Hebrew Language and Hebrew Literature of the Middle Ages at the University of Geneva, 1945-1953. Pazner moved to Israel in 1953, assuming the position of Director of Revenue in the Foreign Currency Department of the Finance Ministry in Jerusalem, which he held until 1956. He served as the financial advisor for the Israeli Embassies in Argentina and Uruguay, 1957-1960; and as economic attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Sweden, 1960-1962. He served as a member of the Secretariat for the Internal Auditing Unit and as a judge in the Mapai Party High Court.

After his retirement in 1962, Pazner was involved in writing, among other things, and he authored the book "Zur Planwirtschaft der Sowietunion (The Planned Economy of the Soviet Union)" regarding the proposed economic policy in the Soviet Union, and other books as well.


  • Swiss


  • Director of the Eretz Israel Office in Geneva, 01 January 1940-late 1948

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