Bialystok Ghetto Underground Archive

  • ארכיון מרסיק טננבוים
  • Mersik-Tenenbaum Archive
Type of Entity
Corporate Body


The archive gets its name from Mordechai Tenenbaum-Tamaroff, who set up the archive in early 1943, and Zvi Mersik, one of Mordechai Tenenbaum’s outstanding aides, who continued to maintain the archive after Mordechai Tenenbaum-Tamaroff’s death.

Most of the documentation, which was created between July 1941 and April 1943, is located in the Yad Vashem Archive. The original material is not concentrated in one place: some of it is housed in the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, and the rest of the material is still in the hands of unknown private individuals.


  • Bialystok

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