Generální velitel četnictva, Praha

  • Generalkommandant der Gendarmerie, Prag
  • General Commander of Gendarmerie, Prague
Type of Entity
Corporate Body


The Gendarmerie as armed police forces under the command of the Ministry of Defense existed in the Bohemian lands since the time of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. With the founding of Czechoslovakia 1918 the Gendarmerie was subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior and took over the main police duties in the state from local crime investigations until police air patrols against German and Hungarian spy overflights after 1933. The Gendarmerie was also responsible for the border control and sent illegal emigrants from Nazi-Germany, under them also Jews, back. After the establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in March 1939 the Gendarmerie became part of the occupation administration.

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