Комісія по розслідуванню злочинів німецько-фашистських загарбників на території Каховського району при виконкомі Каховської районної ради депутатів трудящих, м. Каховка

  • Commission to Investigate the Crimes of the German-Fascist Invaders in the Territory of the Kakhovka Rayon at the Executive Committee of the Kakhovka Rayon Council of Toilers’ Deputies, town of Kakhovka
Type of Entity
Corporate Body


These entities were established in 1943-44 pursuant to an edict (2 November 1942) of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR. The regional commission was in charge of the city and district extraordinary state commissions and in turn was subordinate to Ukraine’s republic-level Extraordinary State Commission, and included representatives of the public prosecutor’s office and investigative organs, medical experts, representatives of public organizations, and Soviet and party workers. The extraordinary state commissions were tasked with investigating the criminal activities of the occupiers, assessing the material damages they had caused to enterprises, institutions, and citizens of the Kherson region, and also compiling lists of those shot and forcibly removed, as well as of war criminals. The extraordinary state commissions ceased activities in late 1945.

Rules and Conventions

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