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Country: Australia
  1. Lodz Ghetto

    • Jewish Holocaust Center
    • Lodz _Ghetto
    • English
    • 1939-1944
    • The items included official ghetto notices and orders, ration cards, work cards, an illegally-constructed radio, as well as a variety of other invaluable documents

    The history of Lodz Ghetto by viewing precious artefacts and hearing survivor testimony. Bono Wiener and Abram Goldberg buried documents in Lodz Ghetto before they were deported to Auschwitz. These and other items from our Collection are primary source evidence of the horrific conditions Jews endured during the Holocaust. Research and exhibits relating to ghettos, in particular, the Lodz Ghetto, kindly supported by the late Bono Wiener.

  2. Phillip Maisel Testimonies Project

    • Jewish Holocaust Center
    • Phillip_Maisel_Testimonies_Project
    • English
    • 1980-2019
    • The JHC has over 1300 video testimonies as well as over 200 audio testimonies in its collection.

    The JHC video testimonies and audio testimonies provide eyewitness accounts of the horrors of the Holocaust, as well as glimpses into the vibrancy of pre-war Jewish life in Europe. The collection is widely used by researchers and students of oral history, the Holocaust and a variety of other disciplines. The testimonies’ project began in the 1980s as the Melbourne Oral History Project, established by Sandra Cowan and Jenny Wajsenberg and later co-ordinated by the late Anne Bernhaut. They conducted over 200 audio recordings of Holocaust survivors. In the early 1990s, with the purchase of a v...

  3. Ursula Flicker Archival Collection

    • Jewish Holocaust Center
    • Ursula_Flicker_Archival_Collection
    • English
    • 1984-2019
    • - 200 objects including items such as jewellery and personal effects made in secret in the camps. – 100 textile items including uniforms and Jewish stars.– 3,500 original photographs from the period, including treasured photos of family who perished.– 5,500 original documents including letters, postcards, official documents and identity cards.– 250 newspapers from the Holocaust and immediate post-war period.– 550 philatelic and numismatic items including camp and ghetto currency and war medals.– 300 artworks including sculptures, paintings and works on paper, some from the Holocaust period and most created by Holocaust survivors.

    The Collection includes the Ursula Flicker Archival Collection of thousands of original documents from the Holocaust period, collected by Holocaust survivor, Ursula Flicker, and her dedicated team over a 20-year period. Ursula began volunteering shortly after the Jewish Holocaust Centre opened its doors in 1984 and gradually assumed a leadership role in the Archives Department, given her extensive knowledge of the Holocaust. Her dedication to the task was recognised when she received an Order of Australia Medal for her work at the JHC. The Centre's impressive collection of Holocaust art and...

  4. Holocaust Collection

    • Sydney Jewish Museum
    • Holocaust_collection
    • English
    • 1940-1945
    • 6,000 volumes, audio and videotapes 2,500 Holocaust survivors testimonies

    The Sydney Jewish Museum’s Resource Centre has more than 6,000 volumes, audio and videotapes, journals and personal testimonies including the Shoah Testimonies. As well as providing background material on the themes of the permanent exhibitions, the Resource Centre’s collection includes numerous texts examining: Antisemitism, War Crimes Trials, Holocaust & Art, Holocaust in Literature, German History, Australian Jewish History. The Centre houses the Survivors Registry and contains resources which members of the public may use to determine the fate of Holocaust victims or survivors. The ...