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Holding Institution: Latvijas Valsts kinofotofonodokumentu arhivs
  1. Kinožurnāls “Padomju Latvija” Nr. ½, sižets “Latvija -mūsu mājas” ; 1989.g.

    • Newsreel “Soviet Latvia” Nr. 1/2; "Latvia – our home"; 1989

    Footage includes establishment of Jewish Cultural Association of Latvia in 1988, former Jewish theater (view of lobby; speakers: M. Vulfson and academic J. Stradins; sculptress L. Novozeneca and Rabbi M. Nidels); Jews visiting the former ghetto area; a monument to the victims of fascism; sculptress L. Novozeneca creates an image of Zanis Lipke; girls singing in Hebrew.

  2. Kinožurnāls “Latvijas hronika” Nr.14/15, 1990.g.

    • Newsreel “Chronicle of Latvia” Nr.14/15; 1990.g.

    Footage includes unveiling of the memorial stone at the site of the former Great Choral Synagogue on July 4, 1989;. Bikernieku and Rumbulas cemetery, people with flowers at Bikernieku and Rumbulas cemetery,, a monument to the victims of fascism; conversation with Johanna Lipke about Zanis Lipke; procession through former streets of ghetto; opening of the Zana Lipke monument, by sculptress L. Novozeneca, at Meza kapi; and Yad Vashem in Israel.

  3. Dokumentālā filma “Un atkal cerība”

    • Documentary “And There is Hope Again”

    This documentary is about Jewish culture in Latvia. It includes footage of M. Vestermans; the ensemble “Ufkum”; a children’s theatre: art theorist T. Vlasova; artist H. Risins; sculptress L. Novozeneca; jeweller Z. Smarkovics; the ensemble “Kinors”; Art historianH. Dubins; and musicologist L. Krasinska)

  4. Documentary “Jehovah’s Witnesses Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault”

    This documentary is about a tiny group of Germans who refused to be bullied by supporters of Hitler into doing anything which they considered to be against God's Word or condemned by Jesus. They preferred to die (and many did) rather than to kill another person.

  5. Dokumentālā filma “ Vilkači”

    • Documentary “Werewolf”

    A Soviet-style film about events of World War II in Latvia, including Latvian collaboration with the German regime. A few shots show a burning synagogue and an assault on Jews.

  6. Dokumentālā filma “Upuru sadedzināšana”

    • Documentary “The Incineration of Victims”

    This documentary history of the Holocaust attempts to address questions such as "How, and why, was it possible for the Holocaust to happen?"

  7. Dokumentālā filma “Pretrunīgā vēsture”

    • Documentary “Controversial History”

    This documentary about events from World War II is told from three different points of view – those of Latvians, Russians, and Jews, respectively.

  8. Kinožurnāls “Padomju Latvija” Nr. 5/6, 1945.g.

    • Newsreel “Soviet Latvia” Nr. 5/6

    A few shots: the discovery of a mass grave at the Šķedes sand dunes; mass grave contains the bodies of civilians murdered during the German occupation period (May, 1945).

  9. Vācu kinožurnāli, Rullis Nr. 12

    • “Reel” (“Rullis”) Nr. 12 (director unknown); motion pictures from the German occupation period

    A few shots: A group of Jewish workers is assigned to clear the rubble of a ruined building in Riga (July, 1941).

  10. dokumentālā filma “Un atkal cerība”

    • Documentary “Rescuers and Survivors”

    The film is dedicated to Zanis Lipke, who saved 55 Jews in Latvia during the Nazi occupation.

  11. Dokumentālā filma “Paliekošais”

    • Documentary “Intransient”

    About history of the Jewish community in Latvia.

  12. Kinožurnāls “Die Deutsche Wochenschau” Nr. 29

    • Newsreel “Die Deutsche Wochenschau” Nr. 29

    A few shots: hostilities in Ukraine; a Jew being beaten; Jews in custody.

  13. Kinožurnāls "Ostland Woche” Nr. 4

    • Newsreel “Ostland Woche” Nr. 4

    A few shots: anti-Soviet exhibition in Riga. Anti-Semitic posters are visible in some plans.