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Holding Institution: Γενικά Αρχεία του Κράτους - Αρχεία Νομού Καβάλας
  1. Αρχείο της Οικογένειας Ααρών και Σαμπετάι Τσιμίνο

    • Archive of the Family of Aron and Sabetai Tsimino
    • Archeio tis Oikogenias Aron kai Sabetai Tsimino

    Family correspondence with survivors from Kavala who migrated to Israel and Argentina, and with organisations and departments of public services in Israel, Greece and Argentina about the Holocaust and issues of compensation in and from Bulgaria.

  2. Αρχείο Καπνεμπορικού Οίκου Ααρών Ι. Τσιμίνο και Σία

    • Archive of the Tobacco Firm Aron I. Tsimino and Cie
    • Archeio Kapnemporikou Oikou Aron I. Tsimino kai Sia

    This collection holds the archives of a Jewish family's company that exported tobacco from the port of Kavala. This company was the only large Jewish company in post-war Kavala. The family that led the company also donated its family archives from the Holocaust period and documents pertaining to the family's attempts at restitution after the Holocaust.

  3. Αρχείο Πρωτοδικείου Καβάλας

    • Archive of the Court of First Instance in Kavala
    • Archeio Protodikeiou Kavalas

    Some proceedings and decisions relate to the Jews of Kavala before and after the Holocaust. Post-war cases generally concern death certificates and property issues.

  4. Αρχείο Ισραηλιτικής Κοινότητας Καβάλας

    • Archives of the Jewish Community of Kavala
    • Archeio Israilitikis Koinotitas Kavalas

    A copy of the Bulgarian Census in Kavala in 1942 (395 pages, 884 passport-size photos); a complete list (taken from the Bulgarian archives and translated into Greek) of the Jews of Kavala deported in 1943; 1.667 pages of testimony documenting the identities of Holocaust victims from Kavala (this testimony sent by S. Tsimino to Yad Vashem in the framework of the International Campaign for the Collection and Commemoration of Holocaust Victims' Names).

  5. Συλλογή Καπνεμπόρου Νταβίντ Φαρατζή

    • Collection of the Tobacco Merchant David Faraggi
    • Syllogi kapnemporou David Faraggi

    Correspondence with people in Kavala, Drama, Xanthi, Serres and Thessaloniki about operation of pravite property, lease contracts.

  6. Αρχείο Αλίκης Ζαμάνη-Μοράλες-Συλλογή Φωτογραφιών Εβραίων Καβάλας

    • Archive of Aliki Zamani-Morales - Photo Collection of Jews in Kavala
    • Archeio Alikis Zamani Morales-Syllogi fotografion Evraion Kavalas

    Family photos from holidays on the island of Thassos before the Second World War and from a visit to Treblinka extermination camp; a list of Jews deported from Kavala.