Language of Description: French
Language of Description: Croatian
Holding Institution: ITS
  1. Card index of the “general documents” of the collection Incarceration and Persecution

    • ITS
    • DE ITS 0.4
    • German, English, French
    • 1930-1979
    • 640 Folder Type: originals, copies

    Card index of the “general documents”: Descriptions, among others, of the general documents of the Concentration Camp Collection. Their structure follows a multi-level classification on the overall topics Concentration Camp, SS-Construction Brigades, SS-Iron Construction Brigades, Extermination Camps, Youth Protection Camps, Police Detention Camps under the command of the security police, Slave-Labor Camps for Jews, Ghettos and a chronological index. The referenced collection contains, among others: correspondence, decrees and orders from the Reich Main Security Administration and the SS Ec...