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Language of Description: English
Language of Description: Multiple
Country: Hungary
Holding Institution: Hadtörténeti Intézet és Múzeum - Hadtörténelmi Levéltár
  1. Munkaszolgálattal kapcsolatos gyűjtemény

    • Labour Service Collection

    The collection holds selected documents concerning the establishment and maintenance of the labor service system, the implementation of anti-Jewish laws (Act IV of 1939 Act XV of 1941 and Act XXV of 1942) and decrees in the military as well as various antisemitic initiatives and administrative procedures exceeding the existing laws and decrees. Besides Jewish-related records, the collection also holds documents concerning other minority groups, including Christian denominations who refused armed service on religious grounds, such as Nazarenes, Pentecostals, Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesse...