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Country: Belgium
Holding Institution: Kazerne Dossin: Mémorial, Musée et Centre de Documentation sur l’Holocauste et les Droits de l’Homme / Kazerne Dossin: Memoriaal, Museum en Documentatiecentrum over Holocaust en Mensenrechten
  1. Awret-Spicker family. Collection

    This collection consists of: KD_00356_0001: Original items donated by Irene Spicker-Awret, including a war-time photo of her with friends, five oil paintings created by Irene during her internment at the Dossin barracks, a puppet and a drawing for the opera Carmen, both created by artist Leon (Lon) Landau while he was detained at the Dossin barracks. KD_00356_0002: Original items donated by Uziel Awret, son of Azriel Awret and Irene Spicker, including Irene’s war-time paint box and Azriel’s series of 37 post-war drawings on the Holocaust.

  2. Lewkowicz family. Collection

    This collection contains: the IDs of siblings Jakob Lewkowicz and Perla Lewkowicz; six photos of the Lewkowicz family including photos of the Lewkowicz family at the time of their migration to Belgium, photos of youngest daughter Rosine Regine Lewkowicz and photos of the Lewkowicz children with friends.

  3. De Waele-Godschalk family. Collection

    This collection contains original documents, digital copies of photographs and documents, an audio recording and a book regarding the Godschalk-Tokkie family, including: 25 pre-war and 2 post-war photos of family members, marriage certificates, residence and work permits, vaccination certificates, an audio file commemorating Judith Godschalk, a death notice of Sara Tokkie, documents regarding the release of Elisabeth Godschalk from the SS-Sammellager Mecheln (Dossin barracks), a copy of Samuel Godschalk’s death certificate, post-war documents regarding Elisabeth Godschalk’s estate and war d...

  4. Spinat-Toledano family. Collection

    This collection contains 34 photos, including : the Spinat children relaxing on the balcony of the family home in Antwerp, the Spinat children playing in the snow and with a dog, the Spinat children posing in the garden of their home in Antwerp, Doris (Dodi) Spinat dressed for a wedding, scenes depicting life at the La-Bas children's home in Aische-en-Refail led by the Association of Jews in Belgium, and a daughter of the Goffinet family which hid Doris Spinat in Péruwelz during the last weeks of the war.

  5. Fischer-Guidalevitch family. Collection

    The Fischer-Guidalevitch family collection contains 29 digitised images showing Eleonora Guidalevitch with family members at the beach in France, pictures of Eleonora Guidalevitch and her future husband Willy Fischer in the park, a wedding photo of Eleonora Guidalevitch and Willy Fischer, and pictures of Philippe André Fischer as a baby and as a todler.

  6. Hakker-Wach family. Collection

    This collection contains four biscuit boxes with prints referring to "Antwerpse handjes", the cookie invented by Joseph Hakker, grandfather of the donor ; seven baking tins used in the Hakker bakery, including a mould to cut "Antwerpse handjes" ; three tablecloths from Phylis Wach's trousseau ; three pieces of table silver owned by Phylis's father Wolf Wach ; documents including adds published by the Hakker bakery, several postcards sent from the Dossin barracks and the Drancy transit camp, and a booklet with notes on the illness of his mother Rachel Simons by Simon Hakker ; photos illustra...

  7. Items of the Belgian police force. Collection

    This collection consists of: the uniform (trousers, belt, jacket and cap) worn by the Mechelen police corps in 1931-1951 (probably the Interbellum); a war-time white helmet worn by the Antwerp police corps; a black helmet worn by the Antwerp police corps from the First World War until 1942; a white helmet worn by the Deurne police corps from 1942 until the 1960s; a cap introduced by the German occupying authorities and worn by the Antwerp police corps in 1940-1944; a file with documents on the Mobile Police Brigade in Mechelen, 1943-1944.

  8. Dreyfuss-Isenberg family. Collection

    The collection contains six letters. Four were sent by the Dreyfuss family, after they had moved to Leuven, to their former next-door neighbours, the Perck family. Two others were sent by the Dreyfuss family, while detained at the Dossin barracks, to their friends the Perck family and the Samuel family.

  9. Gorren-Gelernter family. Collection

    The collection contains: four pre-war photos of Hinda (Henriette) Gelernter including a picture taken at the Université Libre de Bruxelles or ULB (Free University of Brussels) where she studied; a page from Hinda (Henriette) Gelernter's admission papers for the University of Warsaw; a student admission card for the bacteriology course at the faculty of medicine at the Université Libre de Bruxelles or ULB (Free University of Brussels); a letter with instructions sent by Jean Gorren to his wife Hinda (Henriette) Gelernter while she was detained at the Dossin barracks; copies of Jean Gorren’s ...

  10. Fischler-Hollander family. Collection

    This collection contains: 177 postcards sent by family members and friends from Antwerp to Abraham Fischler in Portugal in 1940-1941; documents regarding Abraham Fischler’s stay in Portugal and Cuba, including visa; a postcard sent in May 1945 by Abraham Fischler while in Cuba to his parents’ house in Antwerp, unaware of their deportation; post-war correspondence between Abraham Fischler in Cuba and family members and neighbours in Antwerp regarding the fate of Abraham’s parents Mojzesz Fischler and Serka Hollander and his siblings Sonia Laja, Hudes, Beila Ruchla, Munisz and Jozef Fischler;...

  11. Karny-Chamech family. Collection

    This collection contains: pre-war photos of the Karny-Chamech family from Liège ; a group photo of the Comité de l'Union Sioniste de Liège, 1928 ; pre-war photos of Léa Karny, her future husband Stanislas Gol and her future brother-in-law Samson Ajzenberg while in medical school ; war-time photos of Léa Karny and husband Stanislas Gol in Portugal ; photos of Stanislas Gol, husband of Léa Karny, while serving in the Brigade Piron ; war-time photos of Jean Gol, son of Léa Karny and Stanislas Gol ; post-war photos of meetings of the Brigade Piron ; military documents of Stanislas Gol and Samso...

  12. Dierickx-Tallieu family. Collection

    This collection contains a photo of Paula Tallieu, a biography of Paula Tallieu by her son Michel Dierickx and two post-war certificates granted by Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder and by General of the Army Dwight Eisenhower to Paula Tallieu for her aid to allied airmen during the Second World War.

  13. Looft (Louft) family. Collection

    This collection contains pre-war passport photos from Looft (Louft) family members, including Marcus Looft, his brother Mozes Louft, his sister Betsy Louft and their mother Braine Bolda; pre-war holiday photos; a pre-war school picture including Marcus Looft; wedding photos of Marcus’s best friend Maurice (unidentified); a wedding photo of Betsy Louft and Maurice Poznanski; post-war family pictures of Marcus Looft with his wife Constance Van Beek and their daughter Liliane; post-war family photos of hidden child Mina Poznanski (alias Louft, adopted Bols); a photo of Mozes Louft’s tombstone;...

  14. Erlich-Liberman family. Collection

    This collection contains an audio interview of Anna Erlich-Liberman and 22 photos of : the Liberman-Weinberg family, including their three daughters Bertha, Julia and Rosalia Liberman ; siblings Anna and Rosa Erlich ; Vital Bertrand Lieberman and comrades at the Les Mazures camp in France ; Anna Erlich and her friends at the home of the Jewish Association (AJB or Jewish Council) in Lasne ; pre-war photos of Erlich and Liberman family members whom remained in Poland ; pre-war photo of Fryda Liberman ; post-war photos of Anna Erlich, her husband Vital Bertrand Lieberman and other family membe...

  15. Neumann-Wolfsztadt family. Collection

    This collection contains : a picture of non-deported Baruch (Bernhard) Neumann and his mother-in-law Maria Fridman ; pictures of deported family members of Baruch (Bernhard) Neumann and his wife Bajla Liba Wolfsztat, e.g. Baruch's brother Maurice (Moise) Neuman, his wife Enia Leszcz and their children Raymonde Sara and Adolf, Baruch's brother David Isaac Neumann, his wife Jenny (Jeanne) Lewkowitz and their son Henri, and Bajla Liba's sister Ruchla Wolfsztat, her husband Maurice (Moszek Pinkus) Cygler and their sons Abram and Leon ; three letters written by Israel Heinz (Henri) Alexandrowicz...

  16. Kanner-Schnitzer family. Collection

    This collection consists of a newspaper article regarding rescue work by Betty Jakobovits or Jakubowicz, and twelve photos of Schnitzer family members, including vacation photos, passport photos and studio portraits.

  17. Landau-Blitzer family. Collection

    This collection contains an audio testimony of Anna Grunfeld-Landau ; a postcard sent by Anna's brother David Landau from the Monowitz camp to their parents in Belgium in 1944 ; two pre-war work permits of Jacob Landau ; two documents certifying the internment of Jacob Landau and Lea Blitzer at the Dossin barracks ; two magazine articles on hidden children and hiding in Lasne, Belgium ; seven pre-war photos of the Landau siblings, including a class photo taken at the Jesode Hatora school ; a war-time photo of Anna Landau at the Lasne children's home ; a post-war photo of Anna Landau.

  18. David Pelc. Collection David Peltz. Collection

    This collection contains a photo of David Pelc, two yellow stars bought but never worn by David Pelc, two pre-war and three post-war photos of Sonia Hailstone (alias Aimée Cuypers and Sonia Anoutchin), four forms sent by David Pelc and his cousin Jacob Peltz to Sonia's address, and the envelope in which Sonia kept the documents.

  19. Anielewicz family. Collection

    This collection consists of two letters sent by Roza Bronsztajn to her husband Hersch alias Harry Anielewicz while he was detained in an Organisation Todt labour camp, and a postcard sent by Israel Ezryl Anielewicz while detained at the Jawischowitz camp to his wife Lea Maschkivitzan.