A Far-sighted Englishman Nazi poster on the need to destroy the US-Jewish conspiracy to rule the world

Language of Description
Alt. Identifiers
  • 1995.96.81
Level of Description
  • German
  • English
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Extent and Medium

overall: Height: 33.125 inches (84.138 cm) | Width: 47.500 inches (120.65 cm)


Archival History

The poster was acquired by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 1995.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection

Funding Note: The cataloging of this artifact has been supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

Scope and Content

The Nazis used propaganda to buttress public support for the war effort, shape public opinion, and reinforce antisemitic ideas. As part of their propaganda campaign, the Nazis created the Word of the Week Series of posters (also referred to as Wandzeitung, or wall newspapers), the first of which was distributed on March 16, 1936. Each week, approximately 125,000 posters were strategically placed in public places and businesses such as: market squares, metro stations, bus stops, payroll offices, hospital waiting rooms, factory cafeterias, schools, hotels, restaurants, post offices, train stations, and street kiosks so that they would be viewed by as many people as possible. Posters were the primary medium for the series, but smaller pamphlets were also produced, which could be plastered on the back of correspondence. The posters used colorful, often derogatory caricatures, and photorealistic images with vibrant language to target the Nazis’ early political adversaries, Jews, Communists, and Germany’s enemies during the war. The series was discontinued in 1943.

Conditions Governing Access

No restrictions on access

Conditions Governing Reproduction

No restrictions on use

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Poster with a reproduction of an illustration on the left surrounded by German text on a yellow background. The title in bold font is across the top, followed by 3 paragraphs describing the Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. The top right paragraph is designed as if on an affixed piece of white paper. The illustration also mimics a separate paper. It has a top frame of the extended upper wing and head of a left facing eagle enclosing a series of 5 panels captioned: HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES / Copyright Life Pub. Co. 1909 - transferred to Pastime Novelty Co. 1913. The panels depicts: a Native American standing on a cliff edge, with Uncle Sam hiding behind a rock; Uncle Sam pushes the Native American Indian off the cliff; Uncle Sam stands on the cliff edge, with a caricatured Jew hiding behind a rock; Uncle Sam is pushed off the cliff by the Jew; the Jew stands on the cliff edge. There is a Parole der Woche seal in the upper right corner.

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