Georg Guggenheim papers Nachlass Dr. iur. Georg Guggenheim (1897-1987)

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1 Jan 1872 - 31 Dec 2005
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Biographical History

Born in 1897 in Zürich as a son of Dr. Hermann Guggenheim (President of the Schweizerischen Israelitischen Gemeindebundes, SIG (Swiss Association of Israelites), and Leonide Guggenheim-Nordmann; His younger brother was a Professor of State Law, Prof. Dr. Paul Guggenheim. Childhood spent in Zurich-Enge; in 1917-1922 studied law in Zurich, Geneva, Berne and Leipzig; From 1922 employed in the law office of his father (involved in the defense case of his brother Paul Guggenheim); in 1931 marriage with Josephine [Josi] Guggenheim-Strauss, daughter of Carl and Rosie Strauss. Since the 1920s active in the public Jewish life of Zurich: in 1922 was a member of the Israelitische Cultusgemeinde Zürich, ICZ, participated in the planning of a new synagogue building as well as the reconfiguration of the Jewish cemetery; in 1928 was a delegate of the ICZ at the SIG; in 1930-1944 was a member of the Centralcomités of the SIG; in 1936-1942 a member of the business committee of the SIG. In 1936 Georg Guggenheim founded and directed the Press Office of the SIG and , Jüdische Nachrichten (JUNA); in 1943-1955 he was a president of the ICZ; in 1947-1967 was a member of the management of the SIG and headed the department "Abwehr und Aufklärung" (defense and reconnaissance). In addition to his commitment to anti-Semitism, Georg Guggenheim also supported the SIG's cooperation with World Jewish Congress (WJC) and active information policy of the SIG. As a member of the "progressive" wing within the SIG line, he and his brother Prof. Dr. Paul Guggenheim contributed significantly to a turnaround in the policy of the SIG. Together with his wife Josi, Georg collected Guggenheim contemporary art. Died in Zurich in 1987.

Archival History

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich. Archiv für Zeitgeschichte - Archivleitung


Source of acquisition is the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich. Archiv für Zeitgeschichte (AfZ), Switzerland; the signature: NL Georg Guggenheim. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives received the collection via the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s International Archives Project in March 2017.

Scope and Content

Private papers of Georg Guggenheim (1897-1987), a Jewish lawyer and active member of Jewish Community in Zürich. The collection consists of personal documents: passports, certificates, CV, condolences on the death of Georg Guggenheim, private correspondence, congratulations on birthdays; correspondence and other documents by his wife, Josi Guggenheim (1900 to 2005); official correspondence and documents on the Israelitischen Cultusgemeinde (ICZ), and Georg Guggenheim's presidency, 1917-1953, to become a member of the Central-Comité in the Business Committee, as well as the management of the Schweizerischen Israelitischen Gemeindebundes, SIG department "Abwehr und Aufklärung" (defense and reconnaissance), 1933-1965, concerning the leadership of JUNA 1939-1966, concerning the World Jewish Congress, WJC (a delegate of the SIG) 1935-1967; the rescue activities for Hungarian Jews 1944; speeches, lectures and articles 1942-1975, and documentation on his activities, 1915-1978. Also contains photographs, portraits, landscape and architectural drawings.

System of Arrangement

Arranged in three series: 1. Private documents and correspondence; 2. Official documents and correspondence; 3. Photographs and drawings.

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Copyright Holder: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich. Archiv für Zeitgeschichte - Archivleitung


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