"Janina's Story" memoir

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  • 2003.333
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Biographical History

Janina Spinner Mehlberg was born in Galicia, Poland, on 1 May 1915. As the Germans invaded Poland, she and her husband fled eastward from Lwów (now Lʹviv, Ukraine) to Lublin, Poland, where they hid in the home of a Christian woman. The Mehlbergs became involved in an underground movement to supply the prisoners of Majdanek concentration camp with extra food and medicine. She and her husband survived the Holocaust and emigrated to the United States. Janina Mehlberg died in May 1969.


Mrs. Mehlberg's daughters, Bobbie Curtis and Jeri Hough have authorized Dr. Arthur Layton Funk to donate "Janina's Story" to various institutions. Dr. Arthur Layton Funk donated this memoir to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives on Sep. 12, 2003.

Scope and Content

An autobiographical memoir by Janina Spinner Mehlberg, edited by Dr. Arthur Layton Funk; the memoir includes photocopies of photographs of Janina Mehlberg and her husband Henry. The testimony describes the experiences of Mehlberg and her husband as refugees in hiding in Lublin, Poland, during the Holocaust and their involvement with an underground movement to assist the prisoners of Majdanek.




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