"Charlotte's memoirs, Oct. 8, 1991"

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  • 1997.A.0307
1 Jan 1991 - 31 Dec 1991
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Biographical History

In June 1941, the Nazis attacked Gorzd (Gargzdai), Lithuania, Baum's birthplace, and transported all of the Jewish women and children to Anelishke. During this time, Baum's family was trying to secure emigration papers. Instead of receiving visas for the United States, they received visas for Shanghai and had to report to the ghetto in Rīga, Latvia. Around July 1943, Jews in Rīga were being transported to Kaiserwald concentration camp. In 1944, with the Soviet Army advancing, the camp inmates were placed on a boat and sailed to Danzig (Gdansk), Poland, where they were placed in another camp. After the required work was finished, Baum and others were led on several death marches. In January 1945, after a five-day death march, Baum and others were liberated by the Soviet Army.

Archival History

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives received the memoir in Sept. 1997.

Scope and Content

Consists of a memoir entitled "Charlotte's Memoirs," written by Charlotte Arpadi Baum in 1991. In the memoir, Charlotte describes her experiences as a child and as an adolescent in Berlin, Germany, as an inhabitant of the ghetto in Rīga, Latvia, in the concentration camps of Rīga-Kaiserwald and Stutthof, on a death march, of liberation in Poland, and her emigration to the United States. Please note: This material is available on microfiche as RG-02.121.

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