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  • 1995.A.0249
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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


It appears that Adam Luxemburg wrote the original undated handwritten draft manuscript in Swedish entitled "Demblin (Deblin-Irena)." It cannot be determined whether he or a translator provided the accompanying English version. Mr. Luxemburg also gathered a Polish newspaper article entitled "Nie Tylko Kielce," an authorization (Yiddish) from Demblin-Modrzyc society, a documentdated 02 Mar 1945 (Polish language), issued by police authorities in Deblin (Demblin) - Irena, relating to the murder of "Luksemburg Geni, Luksemburg Frani and Luksemburg Laji," and a Yad Vashem document including photograph of and information about Shmuel Nachum Luxemburg (father of Adam), President of the Jewish community of Deblin (Demblin) - Irena, 1928-1939. All materials were sent in by the donor to Suzy Goldstein of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collections and Acquisitions Department in early Feb1993. Later in the same month, Ms. Goldstein passed on photocopies of the materials to United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Scope and Content

Relates to the pre-war, inter-war, and post-war history of the Jewish community in Deblin (Demblin) - Irena, Poland; information on Shmuel Nachum Luxemburg (father of the donor and Holocaust victim); and deportations and killing of members of the Luxemburg family.

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