National Investigatory Commission Decree-Law 479/55; Commission 45: Ministry of Foreign Relations Comisión Nacional de Investigaciones Decreto-Ley 479/55; Comision 45: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

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  • 2012.311
  • RG-72.013M
1 Jan 1948 - 31 Dec 1958
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  • Yiddish
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25,416 digital images, JPEG

25 microfilm reels, 35 mm

2 DVD-ROMs, 4 3/4 in.

Archival History

Archivo General de la Nación (Argentina)


Source of acquisition is the Archivo General de la Nación Argentina. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives received the collection via the United States Holocaust Museum International Archives Project in March, 2012.

Scope and Content

Contains dispatches and confidential reports from Argentine embassies in Europe, the Middle East and South America concerning Nazi and fascist activities and refugee matters; correspondence with the Minister of Foreign Relations Jerome Remorino and other ministers about immigration and refugee matters. Includes Jewish refugee applications and special cases; reports on an underground political group led by Ante Pavelic and Radu Ghenea in South America; a report from the Argentine Embassy in Peru on antisemitic activities of the "Lions Club International"; confidential reports from the Embassy of Argentina in Syria on criticism of Zionism and the imperialist policy of supporting U.S. and British Jews as well as on the German military presence in Egypt; reports about anti-Argentine activities by Italian fascists; personal correspondence by former Minister of Foreign Affairs Remorino Jerome on various issues such as limiting immigration to Argentina, German teachers travelling from Germany to Argentina on behalf of the Eva Peron Foundation, an antisemitic handout by the National Liberation Alliance, German immigration and Jewish refugee policy, such as a deportation order for a Jewish family for failure to comply with an order to live more than 100 kilometers from the Argentine capital, telegrams and correspondence by Jorge Antonio with Argentine ministries and officials about German workers at Mercedes Benz in Argentina; and more.

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Copyright Holder: Archivo General de la Nación (Argentina)


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