ORT Photograph collection.

USA / YIVO / RG 380 P
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  • RG 380
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ca. 2 l.m.


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The “ORT Photograph collection”, a part of the larger American ORT records collection, contains several folders with photographs depicting ORT activities in Belgium. We note the following folders, often holding several pictures: nr. 1004 “Offices of the Committee for Assistance to Jewish Refugees” (Brussels, pre-1940), nr. 1005 “Feeding refugees at the Committee for Assistance to Jewish Refugees” (Brussels, pre-1940), nr. 1006 “Shabbos in Joint Distribution Committee-supported home” (1947), nr. 1007 “Students at work in trade school” (Antwerp, post-1945), nr. 1008 “Children’s home maintained by Joint Distribution Committee” (1948), nr. 1009 “ORT agricultural training farm” (Kessel-Lo, post-1945), nr. 1009.01 “Brussels ORT Center” (1948), nr. 1009.02 “Brussels ORT Center” (1950) and nr. 1010 “Professional schools of ORT Belgium” (Brussels, ca. 1951). Folder nr. 1471.02 contains pictures of i.a. the Belgian United Nations delegation at the First International ORT exhibition (New York, 1949).

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