Bund Archives.

USA / YIVO / RG 1400
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  • RG 1400
1 Jan 1870 - 31 Dec 1992
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ca. 220 l.m.


Scope and Content

The various series of the Bund Archives contain interesting material on Bundism and the Jewish workers movement in Belgium. Due to the structure of this fonds, we are forced to describe relevant files according to the folder list they are mentioned in. From folder list “MG 2”, we firstly note several files on the First World Conference of the Bund, held in Brussels (1947) – see folders nr. 6 (notes, minutes), nr. 7 (telegrams, correspondence), nr. 8 (manuscripts), nr. 9 (correspondence), nr. 10 (notes from L. Hersch), nr. 11 (resolution, leaflets, guest passes) and nr. 15 (theses of L. Hersch). From the same folder list we also note file nr. 17, containing a report on the Bund in Poland by A. Zygelbojm for the Executive committee of the Socialist International in Brussels (1940). The file nr. 93 consists of reports (1907, 1913), handbills and leaflets, letters (1910-1914), handwritten publications and clippings with regards to the Bund in Belgium. From folder list “MG 7”, we note file nr. 85 described as “Weapons for Bund (Agreement, Liège, 1906)”. The following files are described in folder list “MG 14”: “Jews in Antwerp” (file nr. 10), “Jews in Belgium – pub[lications] 1932” (nr. 15), “Third International Workers’ Olympiad, Antwerp 1937” (nr. 193), “Labor and Socialist International, Brussels, 1946” (nr. 194), “Belgian socialist newspaper, 1907” (nr. 307) and “Belgian Socialist Party – publ[ications] 1950s, address by L. Hersch (1954)” (nr. 309). Folder list “ME 44” mentions the following files: “Socialism in France, Switzerland, Belgium – publications, 1950s” (nr. 18) and “Social-democratic movement in France, Belgium, Switzerland – mat[erials?] 1950s” (nr. 30). In folder list “ME 42. Scherer collection” we note file nr. 1, containing reports (1944-1945) of groups of survivors i.a. from Belgium. Folder list “ME 7A” contains two files with publications and clippings on socialism in France and Belgium – see nrs. 18 and 19, resp. for the period 1930s-1950s and 1940s-1960s. From folder list “ME 18” we note the following files: “World Coordinating Committee of Bund – correspondence with Belgium, England, 1948” (file nr. 62), “World Coordinating Committee of Bund – congress in Brussels, June 1948” (nr. 63), “World Coordinating Committee of Bund – correspondence with Bund in Australia, Belgium, 1950” (nr. 78), “World Coordinating Committee of Bund – correspondence with Belgium, E. Iwinska, 1951” (nr. 95), “Bund in Belgium. Jewish Workers Union, Antwerp – materials, 1912-1970” (nr. 157), “Bund in Belgium – materials, 1945-1966” (nr. 158), “Bund in Bruxelles. Society “Friends of Children”[Kinderfraynd?] – materials, 1946-1964” (nr. 169) and lastly, “Announcements of Bund (and Polish, Russian Parties)(see oversize) in France and Belgium, 1910s-1930s” (nr. 191b). Finally, folder list “ME-1” contains the following descriptions: “RSDRP. Antwerp group. Proclamations” (file nr. 46) and “Belgium-Labor, 1905. Publ[ication] in Flemish” (nr. 254).

Finding Aids

  • There are several inventories and folder lists (in English), although some of them might not be entirely up to date due to the relocation of some folders to other record groups – for example to the “Bund Foreign Committee Records” (USA / YIVO / RG 1401).

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This description is derived directly from structured data provided to EHRI by a partner institution. This collection holding institution considers this description as an accurate reflection of the archival holdings to which it refers at the moment of data transfer.