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  • RG 116
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Scope and Content

This fonds contains a subseries on Belgium, totalling 54 folders. They contain various archival material (correspondence, reports, leaflets, …) and printed matter. We note the following file descriptions, cited verbatim from the folder list: “Experience of Belgian Jews during the war. Catalog of a 1946 exhibiton entitled Crimes Hitlérien May 25-June 30 1946” (nr. 1), “2 copies of SD 1942 report on Belgian Jews and the measures against them” (nr. 2), “Wartime identity cards. School Reports by Jewish students”(nr. 3), “Part of burned Torah” (nr. 4), “Anti-Semitic articles in the Brüsseler Zeitung. Articles by Paul de Man” (nr. 5), “Jewish help organisations” (nr. 6), “Funeral ceremonies for Simon and Wladik, resistance fighters of Polish origin executed by the Germans. Also material atrocities against Jews” (nr. 7), “Reviews and history of a film ‘As if it were yesterday’, a documentary about hidden children” (nr. 8), “Antwerp – pre-war, wartime, post-war” (nr. 9), “Burned Torah piece” (nr. 10), “Wartime and immediate post-war documents, including illegal publications” (nr. 11), “Belgian destruction of Holocaust records. Also, photographic folder on Six Day War ‘Our World Organisation’” (nr. 12), “Various documents supporting the state of Israel” (nr. 13), “Parties, balls and other festivities in the Jewish community of Brussels” (nr. 14), “Newspaper articles pertaining to the new state of Israel” (nr. 15), “Mapam – a Zionist organisation” (nr. 16), “various social activities of young Jewish people and a few records and drawings of young school students” (nr. 17), “Various religious and traditional matters in post-war time” (nr. 18), “Jewish educational matters” (nr. 19), “Letters by teachers to students” (nr. 20), “Jewish restaurants and hotels”(nr. 21), “School papers by Jewish children” (nr. 22), “Holocaust memoirs” (nr. 23), “Belgian Jewish business” (nr. 24), “Fundraising activities of the Brussels Jewish school” [École Israélite de Bruxelles?] (nr. 25), “Jewish organisations for young people” (nr. 26), “Social activities in Antwerp” (nr. 27), “Poster announcing various parties” (nr. 28), “Letters from different countries to Mr. Zygielman, document dealer” (nr. 29), “Centre des jeunes juives” (nr. 30), “Union des étudiants juifs de Bruxelles” (nr. 31), “Association of Jewish workers and small business owners” (nr. 32), “Jewish Polish organisations” (nr. 33), “Organisation of Jewish political prisoners” (nr. 34), “Jewish peace organisation” (nr. 35), “Jewish solidarity organisation (solidarity for Israel)” (nr. 36), “Forms to order periodicals and books” (nr. 37), “Various newspapers with articles on the creation of Israel and its problems” (nr. 38), “Organisation Merkaz Misrahi in Belgium” (nr. 39), “Zionist meeting announcements and newspaper clippings about Stern bombers” (nr. 40), “Organisation for Israeli war victims” [sic] (nr. 41), “Activities and fundraisers for Belgian Zionists” (nrs. 42A and 42B), “Belgian information center. Information on aid to Jews 1933-1940” (nr. 43), “Cultural activities in Antwerp in the 1940s” (nrs. 44A and 44B), “Les amis de l’enfant, an organisation to help Jewish children, war victims” (nr. 45), “Agoudath Israel and other organisations” (nr. 46), “League of Israeli communities in Antwerp” [sic] (nr. 47), “Social activities, Jewish help organisation” (nr. 48), “Jewish children’s organisations” (nr. 49), “Newspaper clippings” (nr. 50), “Social services for Jews” [Service Social Juif?] (nr. 51) and “Musical events in the Jewish community” (nr. 52). The majority of these files date from the period after the Second World War; nrs. 1-5 and 12 from the war years.

Finding Aids

  • English finding aids (card inventories, indexes) are available for the series in this collection. There is a handwritten folder list for the series “Belgium”.

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