Maďarský kráľovský policajný kapitanát v Košiciach

  • Hungarian Royal Police Capitanate in Košice
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32 boxes, paper

Biographical History

Based on the Vienna Arbitration of November 2, 1938 the territory of today’s southern Slovakia was ceded to Hungary. Hungarian policemen as well as gendarmes were among the first Hungarian authorities sent to the ceded territory. After the short period of consolidation during which Hungarian military was in full control of the territory, administrative bodies and police offices were finally established in Košice (Kassa) in December 1938. This included establishment of the police capitanate. Hungarian Royal Police Capitanate acted in Košice (Kassa) from December 22, 1938. During the next reorganization of Hungarian police, which occurred in 1940, a surveillance areas (felügyeleti körzet) of the Main Police Capitanate of the Hungarian Royal Police for the Countryside were created. Košice (Kassa) became the seat of surveillance area VIII, which consisted of several police capitanates including the Capitanate in Košice (Kassa). During the period May 1940 - June 1944 police Capitanate in Košice (Kassa) comprised of these departments and branches:

  1. Presidential department (Elnöki osztály)
  2. Administrative department (Kozigazgatási osztály)
  3. Reporting office (Bejelentö hivatal)
  4. Expedition office (Kiadóhivatal)
  5. Central supervision (Központi ügyelet)
  6. Criminal department (Bünügyi osztály)
  7. Misdemeanor department (Kihágási osztály)
  8. Guard department (Orszemélyzeti osztály)
  9. Vehicle department (Gépjárómü osztály)
  10. Training department (Tanosztály parancsnokság)
  11. Border control office responsible for passport control (Határszolgálatot teljesitő, útlevélellenörzö kirendeltség)
  12. Exposition of the Country central office for the control of foreigners (Külfoldieket ellenörzöországos közpönti hatóság kassai kirendeltsége, KEOKH)
  13. Station guard (Pályaudvari örszoba)
  14. Detective group (Detective csoport)
  15. Guardhouse of the Capitanate (Kapitánysági örség)
  16. Helping Office (Segédhivatal) From April 20, 1944 the headquarters of the Jewish ghetto in Košice (Kassa) as well as the headquarters of the transit camp in brick factory in Košice (Kassa) became the part of police Capitanate. Further changes in police organization have been introduced in June 1944 pursuant to the government regulation No. 2003/1944 M. E:. Police forces and gendarmerie forces were subordinated to a single command of the gendarmerie and police (csendörség és a rendörség felügyelöje), and police officers joined the gendarmerie officers in one corps.

Archival History

After the end of WWII most of the documents were transferred to Prague and held by the Ministry of Interior. A small part of the documents, in the extend of one package, was found in 1956 among the documents of the former Czechoslovak Police Directorate in the State Archives in Košice. Another small part of the documents was brought to the State Archives in Košice from Prešov in 1962. In 1970, most of the files of the Police Capitanate in Košice were found among the materials of the Police Directorate in Košice, which were handed over to State Central Slovak Archives (Bratislava) from the the Archive of the Ministry of Interior in Prague. These were subsequently transferred to the State archive in Košice where the described fonds was sorted and organized by archivist Štedan Eliáš in 1972-1973.

Scope and Content

Fonds contains documents of the Hungarian Royal Police Capitanate in Košice (Kassa), including many documents related to the anti-Jewish measures of this security body during the period (1938-1944). Besides the documents on the so called check of the citizenship of specific Jews, expulsion of Jews trying to escape from Slovakia or search for persons who refused to enter the army there are also documents on the history of Jewish ghetto in Košice (Kassa), and the transit camp in the brick factory. This includes documents on the investigation of the smuggling of food into the brick factory camp. Fonds also contains the files concerning the investigation of hiding of Jewish property and other important documents.


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Finding Aids

  • Inventory (typed), author: Štefan Eliáš, 1973.


  • Fonds was identified and described by Ján Hlavinka.


  • Inventory, 1973, author Štefan Eliáš

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