Atrinkti duomenys iš Lietuvos ypatingojo archyvo. F. V-5

  • Selected Records from the Lithuanian Special Archives. Fonds V-5
HE-Tre (LYA)
Language of Description
14 Jun 1941 - 31 Dec 1946
Level of Description
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • Cyrillic
  • Latin

Extent and Medium

Loose copies (66 pages) of 24 files for exiled Jews.

Scope and Content

There are 66 pages of the 24 files for the Jews exiled to Siberia on June 14-18, 1941 (these include arrest orders and extracts from the protocols). There are also copies of applications from relatives to release a person from exile (1944-1946).

  1. File 20857. Jeršanskis Ruvimas (from Varėna town). 3 pages.

  2. File 36640. Mirkinas Hiršas, Mirkinienė Rocha (from Širvintos town). 4 pages.

  3. File 33925. Čarnyj Maksim (from Kaunas city). 3 pages.

  4. File 24372. Marijampolskis Jakovas (from Pasvalys town). 4 pages.

  5. File 36317. Gadje Josifas, Gadje Roza, Gadje Rachil (from Kėdainiai town). 7 pages and photo taken in the 1990's of Josif Gadje (Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum's collection).

  6. File 34306. Jozefavičiūtė Rachilė (from Kaunas city). 3 pages.

  7. File 13712. Jofaitė-Barkauskienė Ana (from Kaunas city). 1 page. Includes Ana's photo taken in 1943 in the market in Yakutsk town (Yakutia ASSR) in the collection of the Genocide Museum (Vilnius).

  8. File 41253. Jakovas Šliomovičius (from Kaunas). 2 pages. Includes Jakov's photos taken in 1953 in Kamenets near Obe (Altay ASSR) and photo with the school students in 1949 in Kamenets near Obe (Altay ASSR) in the collection of the Genocide Museum (Vilnius).

  9. File 23722. Meler Zuzana (from Rokiškis town). 4 pages (one document is with personal photo).

  10. File 38378. Kušnerytė-Baniulienė Judita (from Lazdijai county). 2 pages.

  11. File 2958. Kionigsbergas Borisas (from Kaunas city). 3 pages.

  12. File 21043. Kutasovai family (from Šiauliai city). 1 page.

  13. File 38869. Aingorn Danil, Aingorn Eta (from Anykščiai town). 2 pages.

  14. File 38647. Rachlin family (from Kybartai town). 2 pages.

  15. File 36752. Pustopeckas family (from Vilkaviškis town). 1 page.

  16. File 36144. Basaitė Dvoira (from Ukmergė town). 2 pages (one document is with personal photo).

  17. File 36501. Kliorienė Rebeka (from Širvintos town). 2 pages.

  18. File 1258. Keremai family (from Ukmergė town). 1 page.

  19. File 38569. Binderis Kasrielis, Binderienė Eta (from Zarasai town). 6 pages.

  20. File 38908. Chajetas family (from Raseiniai town). 2 pages.

  21. File 3473. Abelevič Gdalija (from Virbalis town). 3 pages.

  22. File 36126. Abramovič Šmuelis (from Šakiai town). 3 pages.

  23. File 36128. Abelevičius Efroimas (from Virbalis town). 5 pages (one document is with personal photo).

  24. File 41244. Abelovičius Samuelis (from Virbalis). 4 pages.

Finding Aids

  • The museum's historians have made a handwritten overview of the copies.

Existence and Location of Originals

  • LYA/Lithuanian Special Archives. F. V-5.

Archivist Note

Entry written by Neringa based on survey.

Entry updated by Neringa on 22 March 2015.

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