Documentation of the Romanian authorities in the Ismail Region including reports from Transnistria and Bessarabia, 1941-1944

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Records from Transnistria regarding economic, administrative, religious and political matters. In the collection there are lists of names, correspondence, summonses, and directives from the municipal administration, the Ministry of the Interior and the police regarding the political, ethical and economic situation of the local population. In the documentation there are details concerning the activities of the Communist Party, the Comsomol, the labor camps for Jews and Gypsies, various religious sects, and lists of forced laborers in the Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle (Main Welfare Office for Ethnic Germans).

Documentation from the District Administration of the Lyubashevskiy District:

Directives from local officials regarding the failure to comply with orders issued by the Transnistria authorities and the occupational regime; lists of residents; documentation regarding the transfer of houses which had previously belonged to Jews; lists of Jews before the evacuation and afterwards; the directive from Ion Antonescu concerning acceptance of the Reichsmark as the official currency in Transnistria; copies of directives issued by the military command and the Office of the Governor regarding allotments by the local authorities for defense of railroad lines from partisan attacks;

The Grosul District:

Copies of orders; directives from the Office of the Governor; Prefecture correspondence regarding agriculture, economics, transportation and reparations.

There are similar documents from the district administrations from the districts of Chryan, Chetatya-Alba, Ananev and Berezovka, many documents from the Ismail and Kishinev police and orders from the Transnistrian authorities.

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