A. Werber Collection (Poale Zion Left Party in Belgium).

IL / Yad Vashem / O.29.2
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  • O.29.2
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18 files.


Scope and Content

In this fonds we find the following material: documents related to Linke Poale Zion in Belgium and Jewish associations during the war [JM/1038]; the newspaper Unzer Vort (1941-1944) and other newspapers published during the war [JM/1039]; personal documents, biographies and photographs of members of Linke Poale Zion [JM/1040]; documents on the situation of Jews in Belgium during the war, lists of communists and members of Poale Zion, documents on the resistance in Belgium, correspondence on the relations between Christians and Jews [JM/1041]; documents concerning Jewish life in Belgium after the liberation (1944-1947), correspondence and bulletins of the World Jewish Congress on the activities of Jewish organisations in Belgium (i.a. Linke Poale Zion) [JM/1042]; newspapers edited by Linke Poale Zion after the Liberation, namely Unzer Vort (sept. 1944 – May 1945) and Aurore (Oct.-Dec. 1944), photographs of Jewish survivors in Belgium and of members of Poale Zion before the war [JM/1043]; newspapers of Linke Poale Zion after the war, namely Unzer Vort (June 1945 – August 1947), Jeunesse Libre (Dec. 1946, May 1947) and Keygenzeitike Heiretz (May 1949), documents on activities and correspondence of the Linke Poale Zion in Belgium, correspondence of Jewish organisations in Belgium on the reconstruction and the creation of the State of Israel [JM/1044], …

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  • There is a partially typed, partially handwritten list (in Hebrew).

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